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MCQs Lecturer Computer Science PPSC

Artificial Intelligence

  1. SET 1: Artificial Intelligence MCQs
  2. SET 2: Artificial Intelligence MCQs
  3. SET 3: Artificial Intelligence MCQs
  4. SET 4: Artificial Intelligence MCQs
  5. SET 5: Agent Architecture MCQs Artificial Intelligence
  6. SET 6: Agents MCQs | Artificial Intelligence
  7. SET 7: Alpha Beta Pruning MCQs | Artificial Intelligence 
  8. SET 8: Backward Chaining MCQs | Artificial Intelligence
  9. Forward Chaining MCQs | Artificial Intelligence
  10. SET 9: Bayesian Networks MCQs | Artificial Intelligence
  11. SET 10: Communication | Artificial Intelligence MCQs
  12. Artificial Intelligence | Environments MCQs
  13. Graph Planning MCQs | Artificial Intelligence
  14. Hidden Markov Model MCQs | Artificial Intelligence
  15. Image Perception MCQs | Artificial Intelligence
  16. Uninformed Search Strategy MCQs | Artificial Intelligence
  17. Inductive logic programming MCQs | Artificial Intelligence
  18. Informed Search Strategy MCQs | Artificial Intelligence
  19. Informed Search and Exploration MCQs | Artificial Intelligence NEW
  20. Learning MCQs Artificial Intelligence
  21. Object Recognition MCQs Artificial Intelligence
  22. Online Search Agent MCQs Artificial Intelligence
  23. Uncertain Knowledge and Reasoning MCQs Artificial Intelligence
  24. Neural Networks MCQs Artificial Intelligence NEW
  25. Partial Order Planning MCQs Artificial Intelligence NEW
  26. Perception MCQs Artificial Intelligence NEW
  27. Planning and Acting in the Real World MCQs Artificial Intelligence NEW
  28. Problem Solving MCQs Artificial Intelligence NEW
  29. Robotics MCQs Artificial Intelligence NEW
  30. Rule-Based System MCQs Artificial Intelligence NEW
  31. Semantic Net MCQs Artificial Intelligence NEW
  32. Statistics Artificial Intelligence MCQs NEW
  33. Local Search Problems and Optimization Problems MCQs Artificial Intelligence NEW
  34. Linguistics MCQs Artificial Intelligence NEW
  35. Knowledge and Reasoning MCQs | Artificial Intelligence NEW
  36.  Intelligent Agents and Environment MCQs | Artificial Intelligence NEW
  37. Informed Search and Exploration MCQs
  38. Frames MCQs | Artificial Intelligence
  39. Inference in First-Order Logic MCQs | Artificial Intelligence
  40. Game Theory MCQs | Artificial Intelligence
  41. Fuzzy Logic MCQs | Artificial Intelligence
  42. First Order Logic FOL MCQs | Artificial Intelligence
  43. Artificial Intelligence Facts MCQs
  44. Human-Machine Interaction MCQs | Artificial Intelligence
  45. Neural Networks MCQs
  46. Natural Language Processing MCQs
  47. Artificial Intelligence Miscellaneous MCQs
  48. Local Search and Optimization Problems MCQs | Artificial Intelligence
  49. MCQs LISP Programming
  50. Expert Systems MCQs
  51. Decision Trees MCQs Artificial Intelligence
  52. knowledge Engineering MCQs
  53. Artificial Intelligence Engineer MCQs
  54. State Space Search MCQs | Artificial Intelligence
  55. Speech Recognition MCQs
  56. Semantic Interpretation MCQsAI Resolution MCQsProbability Notation MCQs
  57. Propositional Logic MCQs

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Data Science MCQs 

  1. Data Science MCQs
  2. Data Analysis and Experimental Design MCQs
  3. Basics of Data Science MCQs
  4. Big Data MCQs
  5. Caret Data Science MCQs 
  6. Binary and Count Outcomes MCQs
  7. CLI and Git Workflow

Operating System 

Digital Logic Design (DLD)

Compiler Construction

  1. Compiler Construction MCQs.
  2. Compiler Construction MCQs for the job.
  3. Compiler Construction Multiple Choice Questions.

Computer Architecture

  1. SET 1: Computer Architecture MCQs
  2. SET 2: Computer Architecture MCQs
  3. SET 3: Computer Architecture MCQs
  4. SET 4: Computer Architecture MCQs
  5. SET 5: Computer Architecture MCQs
  6. SET 6: Computer Architecture MCQs
  7. SET 7: Computer Architecture MCQs
  8. SET 8: Computer Architecture MCQs
  9. SET 9: Computer Architecture MCQs
  10. Computer Hardware MCQs


MCQs Of Database Systems

SET 1: database design mcqs (database design mcqs )
SET 2: database mcqs with answers pdf (database mcqs with answers pdf )
SET 3: modern database management 12th edition mcqs (modern database management 12th edition mcqs)
SET 4: database systems mcqs (database systems mcqs)
SET 5: dbms mcqs (dbms mcqs )
SET 6: dbms mcqs with answers (dbms mcqs with answers)
SET 7: solved mcqs of dbms (solved mcqs of dbms)
SET 8: dbms mcqs with answers pdf(dbms mcqs with answers pdf)
SET 9: relational database management system mcqs(relational database management system mcqs)
SET 10: solved mcqs of database management system(solved mcqs of database management system)
SET 11: basic database mcqs pdf (basic database mcqs pdf)
SET 12: relational database management system mcqs (relational database management system mcqs )
SET 13: database mcqs online test (database mcqs online test)
SET 14: database interview questions mcqs (database interview questions mcqs)
SET 15: database developer mcqs (database developer mcqs)
SET 16: database Repeated mcqs (database Repeated mcqs)
SET 17: Database mcqs PPSC (Database mcqs PPSC)
SET 18: Database mcqs FPSC (Database mcqs FPSC)
SET 19: DBMS mcqs FPSC (DBMS mcqs FPSC)

SET 20: Entity-Relationship MCQs ERD New

SET 20: Data Security MCQs New

Discrete Mathematics

  1. Discrete Mathematics Solved MCQs.
  2. Discrete Mathematics MCQs for Computer Science Students.
  3. Discrete Mathematics MCQs for Software Engineering Students.
  4. Discrete Mathematics MCQs for jobs test and examination.
  5. Discrete Mathematics MCQs.

Basic Electronics MCQs

  1. BASIC Electronics MCQ’s
  3. Basic Electronics Multiple Choice Questions
  4. Basic Electronics MCQ’s for MS and Ph.D. admission in universities
  5. Basic Electronics Multiple choice questions MCQs – Questions Answers

Computer Graphics

  1. Computer Graphics MCQs
  2. Computer Graphics Solved MCQs Questions Answers
  3. Computer Graphics Objective Questions Answers
  4. Computer Graphics Test and Quiz
  5. Computer Graphics Multiple choice questions

Network MCQs

  1. Router MCQs
  2. Storage area network MCQs
  3. Networking Important MCQs
  4. Network Security MCQs

  5. Electrical Network Analysis MCQs 

  6. Networking Programming  MCQs

  7. Social Networks MCQs

  8. Network Layers OSI Model MCQs

  9. Digital Communication MCQs

  10. Telecommunication MCQs

  11. Transmission and switching MCQs

  12. Networking topologies Solved MCQs

  13. Computer Network MCQs for Lecturer Test

  14. Mobile and Wireless Network MCQs

  15. Cyber Crime Solved MCQs

  16. Internet Protocols MCQs

  17. Internet MCQs

  18. Web Security and forensics MCQs

  19. Web Security and forensics MCQs 2

  20. Wireless Security MCQs

  21. Datalink layer OSI Model MCQs

  22. Physical Layer OSI Model MCQs

  23. 7 layers OSI Model MCQs

  24. Application Layer MCQs

  25. WIFI MCQs

  26. Internet and Email MCQs

  27. Networking MCQs

  28. Public Service Commission network administrator MCQs

  29. LINUX MCQ’s

  30. Linux File Permissions MCQs

  31. Linux File Permissions MCQs 2

  32. Linux Startup and Shutdown MCQs

  33. Linux process Management MCQs 

  34. IP Address MCQs  New
  35. More MCQs of Networking on T4Tutorials



  1. HTML Multiple Choice Questions MCQs
  2. HTML Solved MCQs

Technical Report Writing MCQs

  1. Technical Report Writing Multiple Choice Questions MCQs
  2. Technical Report Writing Solved MCQs

Computer Basic MCQs

  1. Microsoft MS Word MCQs
  2. Microsoft Excel MCQs
  3. Microsoft Windows MCQs Quizlet bank
  4. Basic Use Of  Computer MCQs Quizlet bank
  5. Basic Use of Computers MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)
  6. Internet MCQs Quizlet bank
  7. MS Access MCQs
  8. Microsoft PowerPoint MCQs
  9. Computer Skills MCQs

Artificial Intelligence MCQs

  1. Artificial Intelligence AI question answers
  2. AI Solved Mcq’s

Data Mining MCQs

  1. Data Mining MCQ’s
  2. Data Mining Solved MCQs With Answers

Digital Image Processing MCQ’s

  1. Digital Image processing MCQ’s

Mobile android applications MCQs

  1. Mobile android applications MCQs

Introduction to Computing ITC MCQs

  1. Introduction to Computing MCQs 


  1. Ontology Engineering Multiple Choice Questions
  2. Real-Time System MCQs
  3. Multimedia System MCQs
  4. Mobile and Wireless Network MCQs
  5. Graph Algorithms Solved MCQs With Answers
  6. Basic Use of  Computer MCQs
  7. Engineering Drawing (CAD) MCQs Quizlet Bank
  8. Embedded System Solved MCQs Question Answers
  10. Internet and Email MCQs
  11. computer general knowledge MCQs
  12. Electronic Record-Keeping MCQs
  13. Generations and History of computers MCQs

  14. Search Engines MCQs
  15. Social Networks MCQs Solved Questions Answers

Software Engineering

  1. Advanced Software Engineering MCQs
  2. Software Engineering Requirement MCQs

Software Testing

  1. Software quality Assurance MCQ’s
  2. Software Testing MCQ’s
  3. Software testing MCQ’s for book chapters
  4. Software testing multiple-choice Questions
  5.  MCQ’s for software testing
  6. Software Fault Tolerance MCQs Questions Answers
  7. Software Fault Tolerance MCQs Quizlet Bank
  8. Software Risk Management Solved MCQs with Answer

Software Architecture

  1. MCQs of Software Architecture
  2. Multiple-choice Question of Software Architecture
  3. Important MCQs of Software architecture
  4. Software Architecture Objective Questions Answers
  5. Important Multiple choice questions of Software Architecture

Object-Oriented Analysis And Design MCQs

  1. Object-Oriented Analysis And Design MCQs
  2. OOAD MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions Answers)
  3. Deployment Diagram MCQs | UML
  4. Class diagram and object diagram MCQs | UML
  5. Use Case Diagram MCQs | UML
  6. UML diagrams solved MCQs UML
  7. Object-oriented analysis and design MCQs | UML
  8. Entity Relationship Diagram MCQs New

More Material about UML Diagrams on T4Tutorials

Formal Methods in Software Engineering

  1. Software Formal Methods MCQ’s
  2. Formal software multiple choice questions Answers

Softer Design pattern MCQ’s

  1. Softer Design pattern MCQ’s

Software Project Management MCQs

  1. Software Project Management MCQ’s
  2. Software Project Management Multiple Choice Questions

Data Analysis And Design MCQs

  1. Data Analysis And Design MCQs

Let us see the important core Multiple Choice Questions of Software Engineering.

UML Diagrams MCQs Questions Answers

Spiral Model MCQs Questions Answers

Software Matrics Solved MCQs

Software Matrics Questions Answers MCQs

Alpha and Beta Software Testing Solved MCQs

Black Box Testing Solved MCQs questions answers

Web Security and forensics MCQs

  1. Web Security and forensics Multiple choice questions
  2. Web Security and forensics MCQs
  3. Domain name system solved MCQs

Visual Basic MCQs Solved (Visual Basic MCQs)

Data Structures MCQs

CS Repeated MCQs by Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil

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MCQS for PPSC lecturer test computer science CS – SET 3

  1. _________ register stores the result of ALU operations.
    (A) Data Register
    (B) Accumulator Register
    (C) Data Address Register
    (D) Instruction Register

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  1. A relation that contains minimal redundancy and allows easy use is called
    (A) Clean
    (B) Well-Structured
    (C) Complex
    (D) All of above

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  1. _______ refers to the transmission of data in just one direction at a time.
    (A) Reverse
    (B) Half duplex
    (C) Full duplex
    (D) Simplex

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  1. The device which uses the parallel transmission is called?
    (A) Printer
    (B) Light Pen
    (C) Mouse
    (D) Scanner

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  1. _____ is a conceptual and representational model of data used to represent the entity framework infrastructure.

(A) Algorithm
(B) Flowchart

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  1. ________ connecting two different networks together and providing communication between them.
    (A) Router
    (B) Node
    (C) Gateway
    (D) Bridge

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  1. Free software is also known as?
    (A) Public Domain Software
    (B) Encrypted Software
    (C) Shareware
    (D) Copy Protected Software

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  1. DPI is an abbreviation for?
    (A) Data per Inch
    (B) Dot per Inch
    (C) Digit per Inch
    (D) Decimal per Inch

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  1. _______ may hold an instruction, a storage address, or any kind of data.
    (A) Register
    (B) RAM
    (C) ROM
    (D) Cache

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  1. Which of the following is used to control all the parts of a manufacturing process?
    (A) CAM
    (B) ATM
    (C) CAD
    (D) MICR

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