Data basics multiple choice questions

1. The query’s output is in the form of …
A. Macro
B. Report
C. Form
D. Table

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2. The row divided into columns of a table is …
A. Entities
B. Fields
C. Records
D. None of these
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3. A database may be consisted of …
A. Many tables
B. At least one table
C. Only a single table
D. None of these
4. MS-Access is a ...
A. Relational database management system
B. Object-oriented management system
C. Network database management system
D. All of these
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5. We can store actual data of the database in …
A. Forms
B. Tables
C. Queries
D. Reports
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6. Which object is used to display data ?
A. Reports
B. Forms
C. Query
D. Tables
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7. Which one si the best DBMS ?
A. MS-PowerPoint
B. MS-Excel
C. MS-Access
D. MS-Word
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8. MS-Access application window is …
A. Scrollbars

B. Toolbars
C. Title bars
D. All of these
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9. The records are actually a complete set of …
A. Designed files
B. Distinct files
C. Related files
D. All of these
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10. Using MS-Access, the structure of a table is created in …
A. Datasheet view
B. Design  view
C. Both ( a ) & ( b )
D. None of these
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