Image Perception MCQs Artificial Intelligence

Image Perception MCQs based on Artificial Intelligence Questions & Answers.

1. How to raise the brightness of the pixel?

(A). Sound

(B). Surface

(C). Amount of light

(D). Waves

MCQ Answer: C

2. How many types of reflection are existing in image perception?

(A). 1

(B). 3

(C). 2

(D). 4

MCQ Answer: C

3. Which of the following offers agents information about the world in which they live?

(A). Perception

(B). Sense

(C). Reading

(D). Hearing

MCQ Answer: A

4. Which of the following is the study of light?

(A). Photometry

(B). Lightology

(C). Biology

(D). All of the mentioned

MCQ Answer: A

5. What is the meaning of predicting the value of a state variable from the past?

(A). Specular reflection

(B). Smoothing

(C). Gaussian filter

(D). Diffuse reflection

MCQ Answer: B

6. What is used to start the perception in the environment?

(A). Actuators

(B). Read

(C). Sensor

(D). None of the mentioned

MCQ Answer: C

7. How many types of image processing techniques are available in image perception?

(A). 3

(B). 5

(C). 6

(D). 7

MCQ Answer: A

8. Which of the following is meant by supposing any two neighboring that are both edge pixels with

consistent orientation?

(A). Segmentation

(B). Smoothing

(C). Canny edge detection

(D). None of the mentioned

MCQ Answer: C

9. The process of breaking an image into groups

is called?

(A). Segmentation

(B). Smoothing

(C). Edge detection

(D). None of the mentioned

MCQ Answer: A

10.How many types of 3-D image processing techniques are available in image perception?

(A). 7

(B). 4

(C). 6

(D). 5

MCQ Answer: D

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