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HTML Web development language

What is HTML?

  • HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.
  • Starting of tags are represented by operators < >
  • Ending of tags are represented by operators < / >
    • For example <p> is the starting tag for putting paragraph on the web page.
    • For example </p> is the ending tag for closing the paragraph.
  • Every tag should have starting and ending.
  • For example <p> is the starting of paragraph tag and </p> is the closing of the tag.
  • Early starting tag should be late closed and late started tag should be early close. An example is shown in the diagram below.tags in html

How to make a HTML file?

  1. Open any code editing tool.
    • For example, you can open notepad, notepad++, Dreamweaver etc.
  2. Type your code
  3. Save file as .html
    • For example you assign a name to the file as myt4file, then save this file with extension .html, Finally, your file name looks like myt4file.html
  4. Open the file with your internet browser.
    • For example, you can open the file with google chrome, internet explorer or some else tool.

Step 1:

how to save file in html

Step 2:

saving the file in html

Step 3:

save html fine in arabic









Step 4:

html file save


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