Digital Communication MCQs

Digital Communication MCQs

1. Which of the following is correct in uniform quantization process ______

A. Step size varies according to the values of the input signal
B. The step size remains the same
C. The quantizer has linear characteristics
D. None of these
E. Both B and C are correct

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2. What is the process of converting the analog sample into discrete form is known as _____

A. Quantization
B. Modulation
C. Sampling
D. Multiplexing

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3. Which one of the following are the disadvantages of PCM ________

A. Cannot be decoded easily
B. It requires a large bandwidth
C. Very high noise
D. None of the above

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4. In the modulation technique that requires minimum bandwidth is _____ _, In digital transmission.

C. Delta modulation

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5. During the Differential Pulse Code Modulation techniques, in which the decoding is performed by

A. Sampler
B. Accumulator
C. Quantizer

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6. When Granular noise occurs if ____

A. Step size is too large
B. Bandwidth is too large
C. Step size is too small
D. None of these

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7. How the Code strength is characterized by ______

A. Code weight
B. Code size
C. Maximum distance
D. Minimum distance

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8. The value of ‘n’ should be _______, For better efficiency and simplicity.

A. Minimum
B. Maximum
C. Infinity
D. Zero

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9. There are some various types of distortion which are ________

A. Jitter
B. Noise
C. Error
D. None of these
E. Both A & B Correct

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10. The Reconstruction of continuous signals is done using __________ algorithm.

A. Interpolation
B. Decimation & Interpolation
C. Decimation
D. None of the Above

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11. Where Sampling is used _________

A. Audio
B. Speech
C. Video
D. All of above
E. None of these

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12. Select one that the number of errors that can be corrected without erasure information is __________

A. (Dmin – 1)/2
B. Dmin+1
C. Dmin – 1
D. (Dmin+1)/2

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