Networking Important MCQs

Networking Important MCQs

Let’s see some most asked important Networking Important MCQs.

1. IP address is IP of which class?

A. Class C
B. Class D
C. Class A
D. Class B
E. both A & B

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2. Which of the following net is the combination of two or more networks?

C. Internetwork
D. None of these

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3. FTP is the  …?

A. File transmission protocol
B. File transfer protocol
C. Form transmission protocol
D. Form transfer protocol
E. None of these

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4. Which of the following topology is the multipoint topology?

A. Bus
B. Star
C. Mesh
D. Ring
E. None of these

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5. Which services are the network services?

A. Database service
B. File service
C. Print service
D. All of these

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6. In the communication pathway data transfers from one point to another through_____.

A. Medium
B. Node
C. Link
D. All of these

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7. All devices are connected to a central hub with the help of which of the following network topology?

A. Star Topology
B. Tree Topology
C. Bus Topology
D. Ring Topology
E. None of these

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8. In LAN commonly used topologies are_____.

A. Mesh and Ring
B. Bus and ring
C. Star
D. both B & C

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9. FDDI stands for.

A. Fiber Distributed Data Interface
B. Fiber Data Distributed Interface
C. Fiber Dual Distributed Interface
D. Fiber Distributed Data Interface
E. None of these

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10. High speed connectivity providing through_______network.

D. All of these

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