Robot solved MCQs with answers

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Robot solved MCQs with an answers

1-Robot is derived from______word.

A. Robota
B. Robita
C. Ribota
D. Rebota
E. None of these

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2. one of the following rotational motion of a robot arm?

A. retrograde
B. roll
C. swivel
D. axle
E. None of these

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3. _____is the components of hydraulic fluid power system

A. Actuating devices and control valves
B. Pump and lines
C. Reservoir
D. Both A and B
D. All of thESE

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4. Robot is a_______

A. Multi functional manipulator
B. Programmable
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

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5. _____is the name for the space inside which a robot unit operates

A. work envelope
B. spatial base
C. environment
D. exclusion zone
E. None of these

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6. one of the following is a feedback control system of function.

A. Input and feedback signal
B. Reference and input
C. Reference and output
D. Output and feedback signal
E. None of these

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7. ______step required to convert analog signal to digital signal.

A. Reconstruction
B. Quantization
C. Sampling
D. Holding
E. All of these

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8. Drives are called?

A. Sensors
B. Manipulator
C. Actuators
D. Controller
E. None of these

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9. one of the following make support programs are designed?

A. business decisions
B. visual presentations
C. budget projections
D. vacation schedules
E. None of these

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10. what is a sampling pattern which is repeated_____sampling?

A. Multi order
B. Single order
C. Unordered
D. Zero order
E. None of these

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