Problem Solving MCQs Artificial Intelligence

Problem Solving solved MCQs of Artificial Intelligence (Questions Answers).

1. Which of the following is the main job of a problem-solving agent?

(A). Solve the given problem and reach the goal

(B). To discover which sequence of the job will get it to the goal state

(C). All of these

(D). None of these

MCQ Answer is: c

2. Which of the following is state space?

(A). Expressing your problem with variable and parameter

(B). Your Definition of a problem

(C). Problem you design

(D). The whole problem

MCQ Answer is: d

3. The problem-solving agent with several immediate options of unknown value can determine that what to do by just investigating the various possible sequences of actions that lead to states of known value, and then selecting the best sequence among all. This kind of looking for such a sequence is commonly called  Search.

(A). True

(B). False (C). Partially True

MCQ Answer is: a

4. Which of the following is the input ……….and output………..of the search algorithm?

(A). Input, output

(B). Parameters, sequence of actions

(C). Solution, problem

(D). Problem, solution

MCQ Answer is: b

5. A problem in search space is defined by which one of the following states.

(A). Intermediate state

(B). Last state

(C). Initial state

(D). All of these

MCQ Answer is: C

6. The Set of actions for a problem in state space is formulated by which one of the following?

(A). Successor function, which takes current action and returns next immediate state

(B). Initial state

(C). Intermediate states

(D). None of these

MCQ Answer is: A

7. A solution to a problem is a path from the initial state to its goal or aim state. The quality of the solution is calculated by the path cost function, and an optimal solution has the highest path cost as compared to all given solutions.

(A). True

(B). False (C). Partially True

MCQ Answer is: a

8. Which of the following is the process of eliminating the detail from a given state representation?

(A). Extraction

(B). data Mining

(C). Information Retrieval

(D). Abstraction

MCQ Answer is: D

9. A problem-solving approach works effectively for which of the following?

(A). Mars Hover (Robot Navigation)

(B). 8-queen problem

(C). Finding an optimal path from a given source to a destination

(D). 8-Puzzle problem

MCQ Answer is: A

10. Which of the following is a touring problem in which each city must be visited exactly once. The purpose is to search for the shortest tour among all the tours.

(A). Searching the shortest path between a source and a destination

(B). Depth-first search traversal on a given map represented as a graph

(C). Map coloring problem

(D). Travelling Salesman problem

MCQ Answer is: D

11. What kind of agent is a Web Crawler?

(A). Model-based agent

(B). Problem-solving agent

(C). Simple reflex agent

(D). Intelligent goal-based agent

MCQ Answer is: D

12. Which of the following is the main component for measuring the performance of problem-solving techniques?

(A). Completeness

(B). Optimality

(C). Time and Space complexity

(D). All of these

MCQ Answer is: d

13. The production rule consists of which of the following?

(A). A set of Rule

(B). A sequence of steps

(C). both a and b

(D). Arbitrary representation to problem

MCQ Answer is: c

14. Which of the following searching technique takes less memory?

(A). Optimal search

(B). Breadth-First Search

(C). Linear Search

(D). Depth-First Search

MCQ Answer is: d

15. Which of the following is the ideal method to go for Game playing problems?

(A). Linear approach

(B). An Optimal approach

(C). Random approach

(D). Heuristic approach (Some knowledge is store(D).

MCQ Answer is: b

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