Computer Graphics Solved MCQs Questions Answers

Computer Graphics Solved MCQs Questions Answers

1.  GUI stands for

a) Graphical user interaction

b) Graphical uniform interchange

c) Graphics  user interface

d) None of these

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2. The basic input device in GUI is

a) keyboard

b) monitor

c) mouse

d) all of these

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3. Geometric transformation include

a) transition

b)  drawing

c)  scaling

d) none of the above

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4.  DVST stands for …

a) Direct Visual Storage Tube

b) Digital View Storing Table

c) Direct View Storage Tube

d) Digital View Storage Tube

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5. The term ‘raster’ is used for …

a) array

b) queue

c) model

d) matrix

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6. Graphics is defined as …

a) photographs

b) simulations

c)  drawing

d) all of these

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7.  What is the purpose of display card?

a) sending graphics data to output unit

b) receiving graphics data to input unit

c) sending graphics data from output unit

d) all of these

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8. Sutherland Hodgeman algorithm is applied on …

a) line segment

b) concave polygon

c) smooth curves

d) convex polygon

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9. Pixels are arranged in

a) three dimensinal grid

b) two dimensional grid

c) one dimensinal grid

d) none of these

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10. Which controller is used to read each succesive byte of data from  frame buffer?

a) data controller

b) display controller

c) digital controller

d) design controller

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11. Each pixel’s brightness is …

a) transitive

b) compatible

c) incompatible

d) none of these

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12. RGB models are used for

a) printing

b) texting

c) computer display

d) window display

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For black and white images, black pixels are identified by ________ in
the frame buffer and white pixels represented by?
(A) One and Zero
(B) Zero and One
(C) Both a & b
(D) None of these

Answer: (A) One and ZeroB

Select the byte for 16*16 array of black and white pixels ?
(A) 64 bytes
(B) 128 bytes
(C) 32 bytes
(D) 96 bytes

Answer: (C) 32 bytes

The display controller change 0s and 1s into?
(A) TV monitor
(B) Electronics signal
(C) Video signal
(D) None of these

Answer:(C) Video signal

Select the way in which The image can be transmitted to the display?
(B) Point
(C) Segment
(D) None of these

Answer: (B) Point

which area of computer that is selected by an application is known as
(A) Display
(B) View port
(C) Window
(D) None of these

Answer: (C) Window

The movement of various attributes of image would make the image dynamic
and like a dynamic effect is also known as?
(A) Picture
(B) Painting
(C) Animation
(D) None of these

Answer: (C) Animation

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