Artificial Intelligence MCQ’s

¬†Artificial Intelligence MCQ’s

1: Whose introduced lisp…

a) Marvin Minsky
b) John McCarthy
c) Alan Turing
d) Allen Newell and Herbert Simon

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2: Artificial intelligence is…

a) Making a Machine intelligent
b) Playing a Game
c) Putting your intelligence into Computer
d) Programming with your own intelligence

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3: Which search method takes less memory in mention below…

a) optimal Search
b) linear search
c) Depth-First search
d) Breadth-First Search

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4: Which of the following improved the performance of an agent…

a) observing
b) learning
c) Perceiving
d) none of these

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5: Which selected External actions of the agent in these options…

a) learning
b) Actuator
c) Perceive
d) performance

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6: Artificial Intelligence approaches..

a) weak Artificial Intelligence
b) applied Artificial Intelligence
c) strong Artificial Intelligence
d) All of these

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7: Which of the following are the example of the intelligent agents…

a) robot
b) human

c) Autonomous Spacecraft
d) All of these

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8: Which is true for describing the judgmental or commonsense part of problem solving in artificial intelligence…

a) Critical
b) Heuristic Critical
c) Analytical
d) Value based

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9: Which of the following is subfields of Natural language processing…

a) algorithmic and heuristic
b) understanding and generation
c) symbolic and numeric
d) time and motion

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10: Which method is used for communication between human…

a) speaking
b) writing
c) reading
d) none of these

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11: Which of the following is true about mouse device is…

a) mechanical electro-chemical
b) electro-chemical
c) optical
d) mechanical and optical

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12: The types of agents in artificial intelligence is…

a) 3
b) 4
c) 2
d) 1

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