What is data mining? What is not data mining?

What is data mining?

Data mining is about extracting the hidden useful information from the huge amount of data.

Data mining is the automated analysis of massive data sets.

Knowledge discovery from data.

What are alternative names for data mining?

  • Knowledge discovery in databases
  • Data/pattern analysis
  • Knowledge extraction
  • Data dredging
  • Data archeology
  • Business intelligence
  • Information harvesting

What is not data mining?

  • Expert systems(in artificial intelligence)
    • The expert system takes a decision on the experience of designed algorithms
  • Simple querying
    • The query takes a decision according to the given condition in SQL. For example, a database query “SELECT * FROM table” is just a database query and it displays information from the table but actually, this is not hidden information. So it is a simple query and not data mining.

Research Topics in Data Mining

The followings are some of the most important research topics of data mining.

  1. Web Mining
  2. Datastream Mining
  3. Predictive Analysis of data
  4. Oracle Data Mining
  5. Text Mining of data.
  6. Fraud Detection.
  7. Data Mining as a Service(DMaaS)
  8. Classification of data.
  9. Graph Mining of data.
  10. Decision Support System.
  11. Opinion Mining of data
  12. Customer trend analysis
  13. Website Evaluation
  14. Fraud Detection in Business.
  15. Financial Analysis.
  16. Crime Rate Prediction.
  17. Market Analysis.
  18. Data Mining techniques.
  19. Fuzzy Clustering of data.
  20. Domain-Driven Data Mining.

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