Advanced database MCQs

Advanced database MCQs

1. In the array, the elements are numbered from …

a) 1 to 10

b) 1 to 10

c) 5 to 10

d) 0 to 9

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2. Overloaded functions are …

a) functions having same variables

b) many functions in the program

c) more than one function having same name

d) function having global variables

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3. Variables declared inside the function are called as …

a) local variables

b) private variables

c) global variables

d) external variables

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4. The keyword template in c++ is used for

a) global functions

b) template functions

c) default arguments function

d) with inline functions

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4. In C++, word ‘register’ can be only used with…

a) local variables

b) register variables

c) auto variables

d) external variables

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5. The prototype of the function is a …

a) C++ statement

b) C++ program

c) C++ function

d) C++ header file

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6.  A structure is …

a) collection of functions only

b) collection of fields only

c) collection of records olny

d) collection of collection of data items only

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7. The syntax for structure in programming is similar to 

a) functions

b) array

c) class

d) pointer

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8. Which one is a keyword in programming?

a) delete

b) void

c) edit

d) all of these

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9. Indirection operator is represented by …

a) !

b) &&

c) *

d) &

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10. Sequential search is also called as …

a) linear search

b) binary search

c) serial search

d) Both (a) & (c)

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11. How we access array elements?

a) an index number

b) resolution scope operator

c) dot operator

d) name

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12. Function prototype includes

a) number and type of parameters

b) type of value

c) name of the function

d) All of these

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