UML diagrams solved MCQs Questions Answers

Let us see the UML diagrams solved MCQs Questions Answers.

1.Use case descriptions consist of interaction_____?
a) Use case
b) product
c) Actor
d) Product & Actor
Answer: d

2. Which of these statements are truly acceptable?
a) A precondition is an assertion guaranteed to be true when the operation finishes
b) A post-condition is an assertion guaranteed to be true when the activity or operation begins
c) An event which causes a use case to begin is trigger
d) None of the mentioned
Answer: c

3. What are the types of prototypes?
a) Horizontal prototypes
b) Vertical Prototypes
c) All of the mentioned
d) None of the mentioned
Answer: c

4. Diagrams which are used to distribute files, libraries, and tables across topology of hardware are called
A. deployment diagrams
B. use case diagrams
C. sequence diagrams
D. collaboration diagrams
Answer; A

5. How many views of the software can be represented through the Unified Modeling Language (UML)?
a. Four
b. Five
c. Nine
d. None of the above
Answer: b. Five

6. Which of the following views represents the interaction of the user with the software but tells nothing about the internal working of the software?
a. Use case diagram
b. Activity diagram
c. Class diagram
d. All of the above
Answer: a. Use case diagram

7. What are the notations for the Use case Diagrams?
a) Use case
b) Actor
c) Prototype
d) Use case and Actor
Answer: d

8. Which among the following can be heuristic for Use case diagram?
a) The product can be made actor
b) Never name actors with noun phrases
c) Name Use cases with verb phrases
d) All of the mentioned
Answer: c

10. Which of the following statements is true?
i. There are 5 views that are represented through the Unified Modelling Language (UML).
ii. These 5 views in UML are represented through 9 UML diagrams.
a. Only i is true
b. Only ii is true
c. Both i and ii are true
d. None of them is true
Answer: c. Both I and ii is true

11. UML diagram that shows the interaction between users and system, is known as
A. Activity diagram
B. E-R diagram
C. Use case diagram
D. Class diagram

12. UML diagram that specifies sequences/ steps of operations to be performed
A. Activity diagram
B. Use case diagram
C. Class diagram
D. E-R case diagram

13. Which of the following statement is true?
a) Use case diagram is a dynamic model of interaction between actors and product in a use case
b) Use case Description is a static model of use case supported by a product
c) All of the mentioned
d) None of the mentioned

14. A UML diagram that facilitates requirements gathering and interacts between system and external users, is called as
A. Flowchart diagram
B. Sequence diagram
C. Use case diagram
D. Data flow diagram
Answer: C

Which of the following diagrams are structural diagrams? Separate the structural diagrams?

Package Diagram, Component Diagram, Sequence Diagram, Communication Diagram, Composite Structure Diagram, Class Diagram, Object Diagram, Profile Diagram, Deployment Diagram, Activity Diagram, State Machine Diagram, Interaction Overview Diagram, Use Case Diagram, Timing Diagram

  • Structural UML Diagrams
    • Package Diagram
    • Composite Structure Diagram
    • Class Diagram
    • Component Diagram
    • Object Diagram
    • Profile Diagram
    • Deployment Diagram

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