Perception MCQs Artificial Intelligence

Perception solved MCQs of Artificial Intelligence(Questions Answers).

1. Which of the following approaches would not be effective at refining your communication capability?

(A). Identify the people, objects, and situations that remain stable over time

(B). Identify  that each person’s frame of perception is unique and exclusive

(C). Be active in perceiving

(D). Differentiate facts from inference

MCQ Answer is: a

2. Neelum is so intelligent; I bet she is active too. This is an example of;

(A). The recency effect

(B). The primary effect

(C). A self-fulfilling prophecy

(D). The halo effect

MCQ Answer is: D

3. Which of the following avoids you from seeing and considering an individual as an individual rather than as a member of a particular group.

(A). Cultural mores

(B). Stereotypes

(C). Attributions

(D). Schematas

MCQ Answer is: c

4. Which of the following is calculated by the number of mental structures we use, how abstract are the mental structures, and how to elaborate they interact to figure our perceptions.

(A). intrapersonal structure

(B). perceptual set

(C). self-justification

(D). None of these

MCQ Answer is: d

5. Which of the following is a perception check?

(A). a cognitive bias that makes us listen only to information we previously agree and settle with

(B). technique instructors use to reward good listeners in the classroom

(C). any factor that gets in the way of good listening and drops our ability to interpret properly

(D). a response that permits you to state your interpretation and inquire your partner whether or not that interpretation is correct

MCQ Answer is: d

6. Selective retention occurs when someone?

(A). emphasis on particular stimuli while ignoring other stimuli

(B). make selections to experience specific stimuli

(C). make selections to avoid selections stimuli

(D). process, store, and retrieve information that is already selected, organized, and interpreted

MCQ Answer is: D

7. Which of the following is the process by which a human becomes aware of messages through his/her sense?

(A). Organization

(B). Perception

(C). Interpretation-Evaluation

(D). Sensation

MCQ Answer is: B

8. Suppose you are fired from your job and you conclude that it is because your supervisor dislikes you, in this case, you are most likely exhibiting which of the following?

(A). Self-promotion

(B). Fundamental attribution error

(C). Self-serving bias

(D). Over-attribution

MCQ Answer is: C

9. Which of the following is Mindless processing?

(A). information processing that depends deeply on familiar schemata

(B). inaccurate and faulty processing

(C). careful, critical thinking

(D). processing that emphasizes unusual or novel events

MCQ Answer is: A