Databasic mcq’s books from latest edition

Databasic mcq’s books from latest edition

1. Which one isĀ  a low- level language?

a) Machine

b) Sql

c) C++

d) C#

e) Java

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2. Errors of program are …

a) Syntax

b) Mistakes

c) Bugs

d) Debugging

e) None of these

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3. C language was developed by …

a) John Bachus

b) Charles Babbage

c) Von neumann

d) Dennis Ritchie

e) None

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4. How many bytes are occupied by ‘ void ‘?

a) 2

b) 4

c) 3

d) 5

e) 0

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5. The .exe file is created by whom?

a) Interpreter

b) Complier

c) Programmar

d) Linker

e) Loader

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6. We can write header files between

a) ( )

b) < >

c) [ ]

d) { }

e) None of these

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7. Which on is correct ?

a) #incliude{stdio.h}

b) #include<stdio.h>

c) #include[stdio.h]

d) #include(stdio.h)

e) None of these

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8. Statement terminator in C is …

a) ,(comma)

b) .(dot)

c) : (colon)

d) ; (semicolon)

e) #

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9. C language was designed for …

a) OS/2 operating system

b) Solaris operating system

c) Unix operating system

d) Windows operating system

e) Linux operating system

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10. Which of the following symbol represents the begining of the program?

a) #include

b) main function

c) preprocessor

d) header files

e) None

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11. Programs that runs directly on computer are written in ….


b) C

c) C#

d) Assembly language

e) MachineĀ language

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12. Which one is different for different computers?

a) Assembly language

b) C

c) Java


e) PHP

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