Advanced database multiple choice question

Advanced database multiple choice question

1.  Which operator has the highest precedence?
a) shift
b) unary
c) postfix
d) equality

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2.  What is the default return type of a function?
a) void
b) char
c) float
d) int

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3. The switch statement is also known as?
a) selective statement
b) choosing statement
c) certain statement
d) none

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4. Destination statement is represneted by

a) :

b) $

c) @

d) &

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5. Which looping process is best?
a) for
b) while
c) do-while
d) none

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6. Which is method is the  right method of declaring array?

a) array array[];

b) int array[];

c) int array{};

d) array;

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7. How many characters are in ASCII code?

a) 256

b) 64

c) 128

d) none

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8. Which one is for character type in C++?

a) wchar

b) char

c) vchar

d) both (a) & (b)

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9. By default, what is the sign of character type in C++?

a) unsigned

b) implementation dependent

c) signed

d) None

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10. Which operator can’t be overloaded?

a) >>

b) ;

c) ?:

d) &&

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11. What does cout stands for?

a) class output

b) console output

c) char output

d) none

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12. Which can’t be declared as static?

a) object

b) function

c) array

d) none

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