Deadlock MCQs Questions Answers

1. Which requested resources are granted with deadlock detection?
A. Resources
B. Processes
C. Programs
D. Users
E. Data
F. Both C &D
Answer: B
2. Prevention strategies of deadlock are very…?
A. Simple
B. Complex
C. Conservative
D. Straight
E. Difficult
F. Both A&B
Answer: C
3. Which thread management work done by a pure Kernel Level Thread facility?
A. Kernel
B. Program
C. Application
D. Threads
E. Data
F. Information
Answer: A
4. Which labs initially developed by UNIX?
B. Microsoft
C. Kaspersky
D. Bell
E. Dell
F. Both A&B
Answer: D
5. The advantage of Multiprocessor system is …
A. Operating system
B. Expensive hardware
C. Microsoft
D. Data collection
E. Increased Throughput
F. Both A and B
Answer: E
6. Win32 application programming interfaces are for
A. Windows
C. Linux
D. Microsoft
E. Solaris
F. Both B&C
Answer: A
7. ……….. that implies an unsafe state.
A. the existence of deadlock
B. that deadlock will eventually occur
C. the pages of deadlock
D. that some unfortunate sequence of events might lead to deadlock
E. none of these

Answer: D
8. Which one process cannot overwrite another’s a memory, either inadvertently or maliciously.
A. sections
B. partitions
C. modules
D. regions
E. frames
F. both A&B
Answer: B
9. .……….. That can be loaded into adjacent “holes” in the main memory.
A. segments
B. frames
C. partitions
D. pages
E. regions
F. None of these
Answer. A
10. System’s evaluate common schedule strategies.
A. throughput
B. means response time
C. variance of response time
D. all of the above
E. both A&B
F. no response time
Answer: D
11. How much time will spend when LRU replaces the page?
A. shortest time in memory
B. shortest time in memory without being referenced
C. longest time in memory
D. longest time in memory without being referenced
E. both A&B
F. both C&D
Answer: D
12. Why Spooling helps?
A. while printing when computer release to do other things
B. jobs go more smoothly with less stop
C. printing it is a more secure method of accessing data
D. none of the above
E. both B&C
F. both A&C
Answer: A
13. OS spends much of its time paging also instead of executing applications software, it is called………..
A. spooling
B. formatting
C. thrashing
D. booting
E. scanning
F. both A&B
Answer: C
14. ………… is an interrupt handler.
A. memory location that keeps track
B. peripheral devices
C. operating device
D. numeric code that indicated the priority request
E. utility program
F. None of these
Answer: E
15. Running process does not interrupt by ……………
A. device
B. timer interrupts
C. power failure
D. scheduling process
E. both A&B
F. none of above
Answer: A
16. ………….. is an Overlay.
A. a part of an OS
B. a specific memory location
C. overloading the system with many users fills
D. a contiguous memory that was used in the olden days for running
E. both A&B
F. None of these
Answer: C

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