Internet and Email MCQs

Internet and Email MCQs is the set of important MCQs on Internet and Email covering the frequently asked questions in the past papers of different admission test, job test and public service commission tests.

The Internet service that issue a multimedia interface to current resources is called

A. World Wide Web
B. Gopher
C. File Transfer Protocol
D. Telnet
Answer A
what is telnet?

A. Search engine
B. Browser
C. Protocol
D. Gateway

Answer C
which define correctly ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol?

a. A redirect message is used when a router notices that a packet seems to have been routed wrongly.
b. It reports all errors which occur during transmission
c. It informs routers when an incorrect path has been taken.
d. The “destination unreachable” type message is used when a router cannot locate the destination.

Answer: (a)
Select the example of connectivity?

A. Floppy Disk
B. Internet
C. Data
D. Power card
Answer B
Which is used to transmit information on the World Wide Web.

Answer A

Which medium is not suitable for E-mail?
a) Intranet
b) Internet
c) Extranet
d) Paper

Answer: d

Which of these defined the internet?
a) The Federal Network Committe
b) The Federal Network Council
c) The Federal Networking Committee
d) The Federal Networking council

Answer: d

Which term is not used by intranet?
a) IP
c) TCP

Answer: D

Which term Avoided in E-mail
a) Re-Reading
b) Subject line
c) Smileys
d) Wrong E-mail address

Answer: d
A web address is also known as

Answer C
Select the standard protocol of the Internet

B. Flash
D. Java
Answer A
Which is used to shares hardware, software and data between authorized user.

B. Network
Answer B
Which of the following refers to dangerous programs that can be ‘caught’ by opening E-mail attachments and downloading software from the internet?

A. Spam
B. Utility
C. Honey pot
D. Virus
Which is the slowest Internet connection service?

A. Land line
B. Dial up service
C. Digital subscriber line
D. Cable modem
Answer:  D. Cable modem
Which term is used for creating of web pages

Answer A
Junk E-mail is also known as_____

A. sniffer
B. Spam
C. Copple crumbs
D. Spoof
Answer B
In www stands for

A. Wide World Web
B. Web World Web
C. World Wide Weblink
D. World Wide Web
Answer D
The term of electronic cash is to execute payment through

A. Cheque
B. Credit Card
C. ATM Card
D. Using computers over a network
Answer C

The internet also called
Answer A
Which domains are used by profit business?

A. .org
B. .edu
C. .net
D. .com
Answer D
What was the first network that provides the basis for the internet?

Answer A
The web page code is written using

A. Hypertext markup language
B. Winzip
D. Perl
Answer A
The computer connected to the internet must have?

A. have a unique IP address
B. be an IBM PC
C. have a modern connection
D. be internet compatible
Answer A

The most common way for accessing to the internet is

(A) Point-to-point computer

(B) Virtual provider or computer

(C) Dumb terminal

(D) Provider or host computer

Answer: D
Which is not the example of web browser

A. Safari
B. Avast
C. Internet Explorer
D. Google Chrome
Answer B
select the protocol that provide helps to transfer files between computers

Answer D
Which of the following term is naot about the Internet?

A. Keyboard
B. Search engine
C. Browser
D. Link
Answer A
Which term needed to design an HTML document

A. Text editor
B. Internet
C. Browser
D. Search engine
Answer A
The term HTML is a

A. Scripting Language
B. Network Protocol
C. Programming Langauge
D. Web Browser
Answer A
Which of the following term of transmission directions given is not a legitimate channel?

a. Simplex
b. Double Duplex
c. Full Duplex
d. Half Duplex

Answer: (b)

“Parity bits” are used for what

a. Encryption of data
b. To transmit faster
c. To identify the user
d. To detect errors

Answer: (d)
Abbreviation of DNS is

A. Disk Name System
B. Domain Name Signal
C. Domain Number System
D. Domain Name System
Answer D
The abrivation of TCP is

A. Transmission Communicational Protocol
B. Transistor Control Protocol
C. Transform Control Protocol
D. Transmission Control Protocol
Answer A
In the Email Following term describes the contents of the message.

(A) subject

(B) cc

(C) to

(D) contents

Answer: A subject
Abbrivation of SMTP is

A. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
B. Simple Mail Transport Protocol
C. Simple Mail Terminal Protocol
D. Simple Mail Transition Protocol
Answer A
Select correct stands of XML

A. Extra Markup Language
B. Extended Markup Language
C. Excellent Marlup Language
D. Extended Marking Links
Answer B
Abbrivation of ISDN is

A. Integrated Security Data Network
B. Integrated Services Data Network
C. Integrated Security Digital Network
D. Integrated Services Digital Network
Answer D
The language used to design documents for World Wide Web is

Answer A
The Internet uses are

A. Circuit switching
B. Telex switching
C. Packet switching
D. Telephone switching
Answer C
which is used to send and receive electronic mail.

A. Simple Mail Transition Protocol
B. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
C. Simple Mail Terminal Protocol
D. Simple Mail Transport Protocol
Answer B
Which term is not a type of broadband Internet connection

A. Satellite
B. Cable
D. Dial up
Answer C

The combination of links by the Internet designed an interconnected network called the

A. World Wide Web
B. Router
C. Hardware
D. Modem
Answer A
Which term is used to transmit the computer-stored messages through telecommunication?

A. Email
B. Echart
D. None of these
Answer A
Which is called main page of a website?

A. Home page
B. Browser page
C. Bookmark
D. Search page
Answer A
Buy now–pay now is mostly used for

A. Credit cards
B. Vaults cards
C. Debit Cards
D. Visa cards
Answer D
For serial data transmission Which of these is a standard interface is used ?

b. 2
c. RS232C
d. Centronics

Answer: (c)

Which type of topology is best for large businesses
a. Star
b. Local area
c. Hierarchical
d. Ring

Answer: (a)

What type of transmission medium is mostly used to send data in a computer network that is exposed to electrical interferences?

a.Optical fiber
b.Unshielded twisted pair
c. Coaxial cable
d. Microwave

Answer: (a)

Hyperlinked documents collection on the internet make ?

a. Hypertext markup language
b. E-mail system
c. Mailing list
d. World Wide Web (WWW)

Answer: (d)

The location of a resource on the internet is refered by?

a. Protocol
b. ICQ
c. E-mail address
d. URL

Answer: (d)

HTTP stands for?

a. Hypertext transfer protocol
b. Hypertext tracing protocol
c. Hyper terminal tracing program
d. Hypertext transfer program

Answer: (a)
OSI has total number of layers

a. 4
b. 5
c. 8
d. 7

Answer: (d)

identify valid email address?

a. [email protected]
c. [email protected]
d. t4tutorials@books

Answer: (c)

Best description for uploading information?

a. Sorting data on a disk drive
b. Sorting data on a hard drive
c. Receiving information from a host computer
d. Sending information to a host computer

Answer: (d)
Select the most common internet protocol?

b. NetBEUI

Answer: (a)

Which Software programs that allow you to legally copy files
a. Probe ware
b. Public domain
c. Shareware
d. Timeshare

Answer: (b)

The abbrivation of FTP?

a. File transfer protocol
b. File transmission protocol
c. File transfer program
d. File transfer protection

Answer: (a)

At what speed does tele-computed define?

a. Megabyte load
b. Baud rate
c. Cycles per second
d. Interface speed
Answer: (a)

Which one of the following is nottype of network toplogy

a. Peer to Peer
b. Ring
c. Bus

Answer: (a)

IPv4 datagram has maximum length in bytes is

a. 32
b. 65535
c. 1024
d. 512

Answer: (b)

Which of the following software stop the external access to a system?

a. Virus checker
b. Gateway
c. Router
d. Firewall

Answer: (d)

The IP network is to be divided into 10 equal sized subnets. Which of the following subnet masks is requored for the above

a. 255.255.0
c. 255.243.240
d. 255.255.255

Answer: (a)

IPv6 address lenght

a. 32 bits
b. 128 bits
c. 64 bits
d. 256 bits

Answer: (b)
Which statment correctly define the ping command?

a. .Ping summarizes the packet loss and round-trip delay between two IP end points
b. The ping command checks the port level connectivity between source destinations end points.
c. .Ping stands for Packet Internet Generator
d. The ping command activates the RARP protocol of the IP layer.

Answer: (a)
Identify the correct IPv4 address

c. 300.142.210.64
d. 10110011.32.16.8

Answer: (a)

loop-back addresses has the following IP addresses can be used as (a) ?


Answer: (a)

WAN stands for?

a. Wide Access Net
b. Wide Access Network
c. Wide Area Network
d. Wide Area Network
Answer (c)

Which of the followingis not used for the medium for 802.3 ethernet?

a. A microwave link
b. A twisted pair cable
c.A thin coaxial cable
d. A fiber optical cable

Answer: (a)

TCP/IP is known as:
A. Network Hardware
B. Network Software
C. Both a abd b
D. Protocol
E. none of these
Answer: D

one of is followinf is Default port for HTTP:
A. 25
B. 80
C. 21
D. 23
E. 90
Answer: A

The following term is for Linux
A. An Operating System
B. A Web Server
C. A Web Browser
D. An non profit organization
E. None of these
Answer A

The standard size of the IPv4
A. 16 Bits
B. 64 Bits
C. 128 Bits
D. 32 Bits
e. Both a and b
Answer: D

Where the web browser store pages and graphics that recently opened .
A. Webspace
B. Cellar
C. Niche
D. none of these
E. Cache
Answer : E is?
A. Search Engine
B. Directory of images
C. Chat service on the web
D. Number in Math
E. none of the above

ISP stands for
A. Internet Survey Period
B. Integrated Service Provider
C. Internet Service Provider
D. Internet Security Protocol
Answer : C
AOL stands for
A. Arranged Outer Line
B. Audio Over LAN Wrong
C. both a band
D. America Over LAN
E. America Online
Answer: E

Which tool is not for accessing the web?
D. Modem
E. both a and c
Answer A

The term Internet Explorer is a
A. Any person browsing the net
B. Graphing Package
C. both a and b
D. News Reader
E.web browser
Answer E

Which site used to set up your email account:
Answer A

Which protocols are used for WWW?
A. http
B. ftp
C. w3
D. Tcp/ip
E. all of the above

The first network that provides the basis for the Internet was:
A. Vnet
B. NSFnet
D.both a and b
E. None of these
Answer B

Define internet?
A. a vast collection of different networks
B. a single network
C. interconnection of local area networks
E. both a and c
D None of the mentioned
Answer A
For internet connection, the computer has to be connected to a
A. internet architecture board
B. internet service provider
C. internet society
D. none of the mentioned
Answer B
What IP address class has 8 bits for the host identification part

a. Class A
b. Class C
c. Class B
d. Class D

Answer: (b)
IANA stands for?

a. Internal Associative Numbers Authority
b. Internal Assigned Numbers Authority
c. Internet Associative Numbers Authoritative
d. Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

Answer: (d)

IP has following version ?

a. 2 version
b. 4 version
c. 6 version
d. 1 version

Answer: (a)

An Aloha network uses an 18.2 kbps channel for sending message packets of 100 bits long size. The maximum throughput.

a. 6027
b. 7709
c. 5999
d. 5027
Answer: (a)

which of the following is a possible error recovery technique On a simplex data link?

a. Backward error correction (BEC)
b. Downward error correction (DEC)
c. Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ)
d. The use of hamming codes

Answer: (d)

IPv4 stands for?

a. International Programming Version 4
b. Internet Programming Version 4
c. Internet Protocol Version 4
d. None of these

Answer: (c)

LAN stands for?

a. Local Area Net
b. Local Array Net
c. Local Array Network
d. Local Aera Network

Answer: (d)
Data share between the two computer through
a. Library
b. Integrated system
c. Grouping
d. Network

Answer: (d)
If the systems use differnet protocols, which one of the following devices is used to link two systems?

a. Gateway
b. Repeater
c. Bridge
d. Hub

Answer: (a)
Code DNIC has how many bits identify the country?

a. first five
b. first four
c. first three
d. first six
None of the above

Answer: (c)
Which process is used to broadcast two packets on the medium at a time?

a. Protocol
b. Synchronous
c. Asynchronous
d. Collision

Answer: (d)
When the mail server sends mail to other mail servers is called

a. Master
b. SMTP server
c. Peer
d. SMTP client

Answer: (d)

The following private key in asymmetric key cryptography is remain by?

a. Receiver
b. Sender and Receiver
c. Sender
d. None of the these

Answer: (a)
Which of the following algorithms is not used in asymmetric-key type

a. RSA algorithm
b. Diffie-Hellman algorithm
c. Electronic code book algorithm
d. None of the mentioned

Answer: (c)

In the cryptography, the sequence of the letters is reset by?

a. Substitution ciphers
b. Transposition ciphers
c. Both a and b
d. None of these

Answer: (b)

What is the maximum efficiency of pure aloha at G = 1/2?

a. 1.89
b. 18.4
c. 18.999
d. 17.99

Answer: (c)

The correct statement of corresponding OSI layers for providing the facility of routing and reconciling machine representation differences with shared access resolution and ASCII test protocol is?

a. Network, Presentation, Data link, Application
b. Network, Physical, Data link, Application
c. Network, Physical, Transport, Data link
d. Network, Presentation, Physical, Transport

Answer: (a)
Which option used to identifiesa and the main page of the entire site and specific computer on the web ?




(D) Link

Answer: B


Identifay a search engine?

(A) Google


(C) Archie


Answer: A
URL has following 2 basic parts
(A) TCP and FTP

(B) Destination and device

(C) TCP/IP and ISP

(D) The protocol and the domain name

Answer: D

The cast address

(A) one to nearest association
(B) also called multicast address
(C) is a group of nodes
(D) one too many association

Answer: A

An online group that provides direct live communication is known as

(A) Chat group

(B) We bcrawler

(C) E-mail
(D) Hyperlink

Answer: A

The process of sending data from a local computer to a remote computer is called

(A) Download

(B) Editing

(C) Upload

(D) E-mail

Ans: C
Yahoo is a
A. Website for Consumers Wrong
B. An organization that allocates address
C. Portal
D. Super Computer
E. Protocol
Answer: B

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