MCQS for ppsc network administrator and manager computer science CS for Punjab Public Service Comission

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil
Last modified on March 3rd, 2022

In this tutorial, we will try to answer the followings;

MCQS for PPSC network administrator and manager computer science CS for Punjab Public Service Commission – SET 6

  1. What is the unit of analog signal?
    (A) Digits
    (B) WATTS
    (C) Volt
    (D) Hertz

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  1. Which of the following uses liquid crystal between the glass plates?
    (A) LCD
    (B) ELD
    (C) CRT
    (D) None of These

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  1. OSI model consists of _________ layers.
    (A) Five
    (B) Seven
    (C) Six
    (D) Eight

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  1. ______ coding schemes uses 4-bit code?
    (A) ASCII
    (B) Unicode
    (C) BCD
    (D) EBCDIC

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  1. _______ communication medium requires “line-of-sight”?
    (A) Fiber-Optic cable
    (B) Microwave
    (C) Coaxial cable
    (D) Twisted-Pair cable

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  1. ______ manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs.
    (A) System software
    (B) Device driver
    (C) Utility program
    (D) Operating system

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  1. _______ program is the assembly that the compiler generates, which is understandable by your computer.
    (A) System program
    (B) Source program
    (C) Object program
    (D) None of These

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  1. _______ is the Low-Level language?
    (A) C++
    (B) Assembly
    (C) Java
    (D) Visual Basics

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  1. The type of operating system MS-DOS is ______.
    (A) Multitasking
    (B) Graphical User Interface
    (C) Command Line Interface
    (D) Menu Driven Interface

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  1. _______ keyboard shortcuts is used to change the case
    (A) Alt+F3
    (B) Ctrl+F3
    (C) Ctrl+Shift+F3
    (D) Shift+F3

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