7 layers OSI Model solved MCQs questions answers

Let us see the important 7 layers OSI Model solved MCQs questions answers.

1. OSI stands for

a) open system interconnection
b) operating system interface
c) optical service implementation
d) none of the mentioned
Answer: a

2. The_________ layer lies between the session layer and the application layer.

a. network layer
b. transport layer
c. data link layer
d. presentation layer
Answer: d

3.  Segmentation and reassembly is the responsibility of

a. 7th Layer
b. 6th Layer
c. 5th Layer
d. 4th layer
Answer: d

4. Decryption and encryption are the features of
a. transport layer
b. presentation layer
d. session layer
Answer: c

5. Subnet usually comprises

a. layer 1 and 2
b. layer 1 through 3
c. all layers

d. none of the above
Answer d

6. The layer is responsible for process delivery

a. network layer
b. transport layer
c. session layer
d. data link layer
Answer: b

7. Which address identifies a process on a host?

a. physical address
b. logical address
c. port address
d. specific address
Answer: c

8. The_________ layer uses data compression yo reduce the number of bits to be transmitted.

a. presentation
b. network
c. data link
d. application
Answer: a

which of the following OSI layer is

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