File system Interface MCQS Questions Answers in Operating Systems

1. Reliability of files can be enhanced by :
a)by keeping duplicate copies of the file
b) making a different partition for the files
c) by keeping them in external storage
d) keeping the files safely in the memory
Answer A
2. security is only provided at the _____ level.
a) none of the mentioned
b) high
c) central
d) lower
Answer D
3. The major issue with access control lists is :
a) their maintenance
b) all of the mentioned
c) their permissions
d) their length
Answer D
4. Many systems recognize three classifications of users in connection with each file (to condense the access control list) :
a) ) Universe
b) Group
c) owner
d) All of the mentioned
Answer D

SET 2: File system Interface MCQs a group, All users get _______ access to a file.
a) different
c) similar
d) none of the mentioned
Answer C
6. The universe consists of :
a) all users in the system
b) all users that are not owners
c)all users that aren’t included in the group or owners
d) none of the mentioned
Answer A
7. groups can be modified and created In UNIX by :
a) any user
c) the people in the group only
d) a programmer only
Answer B
8. three bits used To control access the in UNIX are represented by :
a) r
b) all of the mentioned
c) x
d) w
Answer B

SET 3: File system Interface MCQs

9. by a password If each access to a file is controlled, then the disadvantage is that :
a) it is not reliable
b) all of the mentioned
c) it is not efficient
d) ) user will need to remember a lot of passwords
Answer D

10. In a different level directory structure :
a) the subdirectories do not need protection once the directory is protected
b) the same previous techniques will be used as in the other structure
c) a mechanism for directory protection will have to apply
d) none of the mentioned
Answer C
11. the directory protection is handled in Unix _________ to the file protection.
a) none of the mentioned
b) it is not handled at all
c) similar
d) different
Answer C
12. , each containing a file system or ______, Disks are segmented into one or more partitions.
a) left ‘ripe’
b) made into swap space
c) made into backup space
d) left ‘raw’
Answer D
13. such as access by fraudulent people , Destruction of files for malicious reasons is classified as being
a)unauthorized access
Answer D
14. if the order of operation on two or more files are similar in files, then the operation will be
Answer D which records are accessed from and inserted into file Access is classified as;
a)random access
b)duplicate access
c)direct access
d)sequential access
Answer D

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