File system Interface MCQS Questions Answers in Operating Systems

File system Interface MCQs Questions Answers in Operating Systems

File System Interface Protection MCQs are the collection of important MCQs. These MCQs target the subject of the operating system. Please note that the operating system is a compulsory subject.

SET 1: File system Interface MCQs

1. Reliability of files can be enhanced by :
a)by keeping duplicate copies of the file
b) making a different partition for the files
c) by keeping them in external storage
d) keeping the files safely in the memory
Answer A

2. security is only provided at the _____ level.
a) none of the mentioned
b) high
c) central
d) lower
Answer D

3. The major issue with access control lists is :
a) their maintenance
b) all of the mentioned
c) their permissions
d) their length
Answer D

4. Many systems recognize three classifications of users in connection with each file (to condense the access control list) :
a) ) Universe
b) Group
c) owner
d) All of the mentioned
Answer D

SET 2: File system Interface MCQs a group, All users get _______ access to a file.
a) different
c) similar
d) none of the mentioned
Answer C

6. The universe consists of :
a) all users in the system
b) all users that are not owners
c)all users that aren’t included in the group or owners
d) none of the mentioned
Answer A

7. groups can be modified and created In UNIX by :
a) any user
c) the people in the group only
d) a programmer only
Answer B

8. three bits used To control access the in UNIX are represented by :
a) r
b) all of the mentioned
c) x
d) w
Answer B

SET 3: File system Interface MCQs

9. by a password If each access to a file is controlled, then the disadvantage is that :
a) it is not reliable
b) all of the mentioned
c) it is not efficient
d) ) user will need to remember a lot of passwords
Answer D

10. In a different level directory structure :
a) the subdirectories do not need protection once the directory is protected
b) the same previous techniques will be used as in the other structure
c) a mechanism for directory protection will have to apply
d) none of the mentioned
Answer C

11. the directory protection is handled in Unix _________ to the file protection.
a) none of the mentioned
b) it is not handled at all
c) similar
d) different
Answer C

12. , each containing a file system or ______, Disks are segmented into one or more partitions.
a) left ‘ripe’
b) made into swap space
c) made into backup space
d) left ‘raw’
Answer D
13. such as access by fraudulent people , Destruction of files for malicious reasons is classified as being

a)unauthorized access
Answer D
14. if the order of operation on two or more files are similar in files, then the operation will be
Answer D which records are accessed from and inserted into file Access is classified as;
a)random access
b)duplicate access
c)direct access
d)sequential access
Answer D

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