Uninformed Search Strategy MCQs Artificial Intelligence

Uninformed Search Strategy solved MCQs is a set of Questions & Answers of Artificial Intelligence.

Which of the following implements stack operation for the purpose of searching the states?
(A). Depth-limited search
(B). Breadth-first search
(C). Depth-first search
(D). None of these
MCQ Answer: C

Which of the following strategy is commonly known as a blind search?
(A). Simple reflex search
(B). Informed search
(C). Uninformed search
(D). All of these
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: c

Which of the following is the space complexity of a Depth-first search?
(A). O(bm)
(B). O(bl)

(C). O(m)
(D). O((B).
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: A

Which of the following search is implemented with an empty “first in the first out queue”?
(A). Depth-first search
(B). Bidirectional search
(C). Breadth-first search
(D). None of these
MCQ Answer: C

Breadth-first search is considered to be optimal when?
(A). there is less number of nodes
(B). all step costs are unequal
(C). all step costs are equal
(D). None of these
MCQ Answer: C

How many successors are produced in a backtracking search?
(A). 4
(B). 2
(C). 3
(D). 1
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: d

How many kinds are there in the uninformed search method?
(A). 5
(B). 7
(C). 2
(D). 6
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: A

Which of the following algorithm is used to solve any type of problem?
(A). Tree algorithm
(B). Breadth-first algorithm
(C). Bidirectional search algorithm
(D). None of these
MCQ Answer: A

Total parts of a problem?
(A). 4
(B). 2
(C). 6
(D). 5
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: A

Which of the following artificial intelligence algorithm enforces a fixed depth limit on nodes?
(A). Bidirectional search
(B). Depth-first search
(C). Iterative deepening search
(D). Depth-limited search

(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: C

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