Linux process Management MCQs – Solved

Let us see the very important Linux process management Mcqs.
1. How programs act when the execution in background attempts to read from STDIN?
A. STDIN is made available to it
B. Its execution is suspended
C. It is terminated
D. None of these
Answer: B
2. Which of the following command use to background process to foreground?
B. background
D. bg
Answer: C.
3. How Process synchronization of programs is done in Linux process management?
A. input
B. output memory
C. operating system
D. none of these
Answer: C
4. which of the following is a Friendly user interface provided by the operating system?
A. Device user interface
B. graphical user interface
C. batch interface
D. none of these
Answer: B
5. A signal is a software mechanism that tells a
A. User
B. Processor
C. Program
D. Process
Answer: D.
6. How to run a process in the background of Linux process management?
A. &
B. ?
C. *
D. |
Answer: A.
7. Process information in the current shell can be obtained by using
A. gf
B. bg
C. gb
D. ps
Answer: D
8. Linux process or task is represented by a
A. task struct
B. task build
C. task construct
D. none of these
Answer: D.
9. A command which is used to set terminal IO characteristic is called?
C. stty
Answer: C.
10.The defult maximum number of process in Linux exist called?
Answer: C
11.Return value of fork () can be represented as?
A. -1,>0,0
B. 0,<0,-1
C. -1,<0
D.none of these
Answer: A
12. The maximum time slice that can be given to a process in Linux is
D. none of these
Answer: C.
13.what is the output of the following program?

A.’leaf child’ will be printed as 4 times
B.’leaf child’ will be printed as 2 time
C.’leaf child will’ will be printed as 5 times
D.none of these
Answer: A.
14. Linux new process can be created by copying?
D.none of these
Answer: B.
15. Which process is used to create by parent process in Linux?
A. child
B. zombie process
C. orphan process
D. none of these
Answer: A.

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