Artificial Intelligence Environments MCQs

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Artificial Intelligence Environments MCQs Questions & Answers

Observing environments present in artificial intelligence are?
(A). Partial
(B). Fully
(C). Both A & B
(D). Learning
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: C

The strategic environment in artificial intelligence
(A). Partial
(B). Rational
(C). Deterministic
(D). Stochastic
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: C

Which of the following is the act of task environment in AI?
(A). Agent
(B). Solution
(C). Problem
(D). Observation
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: C

Where does the performance measure is included?
(A). Rational agent
(B). Task environment
(C). Actuators
(D). Sensor
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: b

Which of the following is used to select a particular environment when we want to run the agent?
(A). Environment creator
(B). Environment Generator
(C). Both A & B
(D). None of these
MCQ Answer: b

Which of the following is used to give feedback in response to the learning element?
(A). Sensor
(B). Actuators
(C). Critic
(D). None of these
MCQ Answer: c

Crossword puzzle environment in artificial intelligence
(A). Dynamic
(B). Static
(C). Semi Dynamic
(D). None of these
MCQ Answer: B

The stochastic environment having the type of behavior.
(A). Primary
(B). Deterministic
(C). Rational
(D). Local
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: D

Which of the following is the expansion if PEAS in the task environment?
(A). Actuators, Sense, Peer, Environment
(B). Performance, Environment, Actuators, Sensors
(C). Perceiving, Sensors, Environment, Actuators
(D). None of these
MCQ Answer: B

Semi dynamic environment?
(A). does not vary with the passage of time, however the performance of Agent changes
(B). Agent performance changes
(C). The environment will be changed
(D). does not vary with the passage of time
(E). None of these
MCQ Answer: A

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