Networking topologies Solved MCQs

Let us see the important Networking topologies Solved MCQs Questions  Answers.
1. Which topology has Multipoint connection:
e.both b and c
Answer b
2.Mesh topology, have devices which are connected via
a)single and multiple links
b)Multipoint link
c)Point to point link
d)No Link
e)None of the above
answer c
3.The topology which requires a central controller or hub is
e)both b and c
answer b
4.LAN has mostly used the topologies
d)both of these
e)None of these
answer d
5.Which topologies have two or more Combination:
a) multigrid
b)Star Topology
c)Bus Topology
d)Ring topology
Answer e
6.In a mesh topology, each device has a dedicated topology of
a.Multipoint linking
b.Point to point linking
c.None of Above
d.Both a and b
e.Single and multiple links
answer a
7.Which topology has the highest reliability?
a.Mesh topology
b.Star topology
c.Ring Topology
d.Bus Topology
e.none of these
answer a
8.Star Topology is basically based on a central device __________ ?
d.Both a and b
e.none of these
answer d
9. A topology that is responsible for describing the geometric arrangement of components that make up the LAN.
a) Complex
b) Physical
c) Logical
d) Incremental

Answer: b
10. LAN topology describes the possible connections between pairs of networked end-points that can communicate.
a) Complex
b) Physical
c) decrement
d) Incremental
e) Logical

Answer: e
11.In a network, participating computers are referred to as:
a) Clients
b) Servers
c) Nodes
d) CPUs
e) both a and c

Answer: c
12.Tokens are involved in a topology.
a) Star
b) hybrid
c) Bus
d) Daisy Chaining
e) Ring
Answer: e
13. A ______WAN can be developed by using any other transmission facility:
a) Multi-peer
b) peer-to-peer
c) Two-tiered
d) Three-tiered
e) Hybrids

Answer: b
14. The source computer sent the information along with?
a) data
b) module
c) token
d) element
e) both a and b

Answer: c
15. All the hubs of networks have a serially connected system of?
a) Bus
b) Ring
c) multi-peer
d) Star
e) Daisy chains
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Answer: e

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