Database MCQ’s for teachers test

Database MCQ’s for teachers test

1. Who proposed the relational model?

a) Charles Babbage

b) Bill Gates

c) Herman Hollerith

d) E.F Codd

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2. Primary key must be …

a) null

b) non null

c) constant

d) none

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3. In DBMS, a relation is a …

a) subset of the cartesian product of list of domains

b)  subset of the cartesian product of list of tuple

c)  subset of the cartesian product of list of attributes

d)  subset of the cartesian product of list of relations

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4. Minimal superkeys are known as …

a) candidate keys

b) attribute keys

c) domain keys

d) schema keys

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5. Which of the following is not involved in DBMS?
(a) HTML
(b) Application Request
(c) Data
(d) End Users

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(a) HTML

6. What is the degree of a relationship in model?

a) number of participating entities

b) number of rows and columns

c) number of tables

d) number of entities

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7. How we organize data in hierarchical model?

a) physical structure

b)  logical struture

c) tree like structure

d) none

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