Class diagram and object diagram MCQs | UML

Class diagram and object diagram MCQs are a set of important MCQs of UML.

Select the diagram that is used to model the vocabulary of a system.
(A). Object Diagram
(B). Activity Diagram
(C). Both a and b
(D). Interaction Diagram
(E). Class diagram

Answer (E). Class diagram
Select which one is model static data structures.
(A). Object diagrams
(B). Class diagrams
(C). Activity diagrams
(D). Interaction diagrams
(E). All of the above

Answer (B). Class diagrams
Select the engineering From the following ________that is theoretically feasible but programmatically o restricted value.
(A). class diagram
(B). activity diagram
(C). object diagram
(D). interaction diagram
(E), Both a and c

Answer (C). object diagram

Select where the class diagrams are not convenient
(A). simple interactions model
(B). the vocabulary of a system model
(C). simple collaborations model
(D). logical database schema model
(E). All of the above

Answer (C). simple collaborations mode

Select from the following which is used to show one static frame in the dynamic storyboard.
(A). Class diagram
(B). Activity diagram
(C). Object diagram
(D). Interaction diagram

Answer (C). Object diagram
Select the diagrams that are used to explain data structures, and the static snapshots parts of the things place in the class diagrams.
(A). use case
(B). Collaboration
(C). Object
(D). Sequence
(E). None of these
Answer (C) Object

Select the view which is shown by object Object diagram.
(A). logical
(B). dynamic
(C). static
(D). process
(E). All of these

Answer (C). static

Select from the following ________ has to be reverse-engineered.
(A). visibility
(B). relationship
(C). target
(D). constraints
(E). All of these

Answer (C). target

Which of the following diagram is used to model the distribution of objects?
a. Object Diagram
b. Activity Diagram
c. State Chart Diagram
d. Interaction Diagram

_________select from the following in which engineering and reverse engineering can be applicable
(A). tagged values
(B). stereotypes
(C). class diagram
(D). adornments
(E). Both a and b

Answer (C). class diagram

Which one is used to display a set of objects and their relationships?
(A). Object diagram
(B). Class diagram
(C). Use case diagram
(D). Activity diagram
(E). All of the above

Answer (A). Object diagram

Select the structure that is model by the Objects diagram
(A).  object
(B). class
(C). Use Case
(D). activity
(E). Both A and B

Answer (A). object

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