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Alpha Beta Pruning MCQs base Questions & Answers | Artificial Intelligence Questions & Answers

Which of the following is identical to the closed list in Graph search?
(A). Transposition table
(B). Depth-first search
(C). Hill climbing search algorithm
(D). None of the above
MCQs Answer: A
According to the minimax search algorithm, which of the following values are independent?
(A). Root is independent
(B). Every state are dependant
(C). Pruned leaves x and y
(D). None of the above
MCQs Answer: c

How we can increase the effectiveness of the alpha-beta pruning?
(A). Depends on the order in Which of the following they are executed
(B). Depends on the nodes
(C). All of these
(D). None of the above
MCQs Answer: B
To Which of the following depth does the alpha-beta pruning can be applied?
(A). 10 states
(B). 8 States
(C). Any depth
(D). 6 States
(E). None of the above
MCQs Answer: d

Which of the following function is used to find the feasibility of a complete game tree?
(A). Transposition
(B). Evaluation function
(C). Alpha-beta pruning
(D). All of these
MCQs Answer: B

Which of the following search removes the branches that can’t influence the final decision, and it’s equal to minimax search?
(A). Depth-first
(B). Alpha-beta pruning
(C). Breadth-first
(D). None of the above
MCQs Answer: B

Which of the following search is identical to minimax search?
(A). Depth-first
(B). Hill-climbing
(C). Breadth-first
(D). All of these
MCQs Answer: A
Where do the values of alpha-beta search can be modified?
(A). Initial state itself
(B). Along the path of search
(C). At the end
(D). None of the above
MCQs Answer: b

According to the alpha-beta pruning, select the value assigned to alpha and beta?
(A). Alpha = max
(B). Beta = min
(C). Beta = max
(D). Both A and B
(E). None of the above
MCQs Answer: d
The best answer for the transposition table is?
(A). Hash table of next seen positions
(B). Next value in the search
(C). Hash table of previously seen positions
(D). None of the above
MCQs Answer: c

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