Search Engines MCQs

What is the height of Google page rank a web page contains;

A) 500
B) 100
C) 10
D) None of the above

Answer: 10

Domain authority is managed by?

A) Moz
B) Yahoo
C) Bing
D) Google

Answer: Moz

Which of the following is not a metric used in the link building?

A) Number of advertisements
B) Number of links
C) Domain Authority
D) None of the above

Answer: Number of advertisements

Most PCs generate one beep on bootup to specify they are OK hardware-wise, if we boot PC and doesn’t get any beep we have to check

1.system board

Answer speaker

SEP stands for;
A) Self Employed Marketers
B) Search Engine Marketing
C) Search Employed page

Answer: Search Engine Marketing

Select which one of the reason when long-tail searches closer to resulting in purchasing items;

A) Because long-tail searches are popular
B. Because they already have a precise idea of what the user is looking for
C) Because they are easier to compete

Answer: Because they already have a precise idea of what the user is looking for

Select the illegal act of copying of a page by unofficial parties in order to filter off traffic to another area called;

A) Trafficjacking
B) Pagejacking
C) Viewjacking
D) Visitorjacking

Answer: Pagejacking

Which of the following can be title as suitable Keyword Density?

A) 0.01-0.1%
B) 3-4%
C) 0.1-1%
D) More than 10%

The newest processor for Macintosh computers is the 64-bit

1.Athlon FX 64
2.Pentium 4
Answer G5

Guns of color present in a computer color screen are

Answer ; 3

Select the Year in which the first operating system was enlarged;


Answer; 1950

Semiconductor memory stored data will remain permanently stored as long as power provides is

1.dynamic memory device
2.static memory device
3.flash device device

Answer static memory device

Computer word size is diverse of

1.1024 bits
2.4 bits
3.16 bits
4.10 bits

Answer 16 bits

The quality used in serial ports to provide communication is

4.RST 3
Answer RS-232-C

Computer communication signal which is in the formation of the continuing wave is called

1.analog signal
2.modulation signal signal
4.binary signal
Answer analog signal

Select the use of Ctrl + T keys tabs dialog box
2.left indent
3.hanging indent
4.terminate all opened dialog box

Answer hanging indent

Which of the following is damaging for computers?

1.anti virus

Answer virus

Select the use of word processing in the computer;

1.change the paragraph color
2.make the text readable
3.apply border around the text
4.change line spacing

Answer make the text readable

Notebook PCs drop down into a type of devices called;

1.desktop computers computers
3.hybrid computers
Answer mobile computers

OCR abbreviation of;

1.Office Cash Receiver
2.Optical Card Reader
3.Optical Character Reader
4.Online Computer Retrieval

Answer Optical Character Reader

Select the protocol that is included internet protocol

Answer TCP/IP

SEO stands for;

A) Search Entry Optimization
B) Search Engine Optimization
C) Search Engine Operation
D) None of the above

Answer: Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the technique of ranking in the search engines?

A) False
B) True

Answer: True

select the types of SEO?

A) On-Page and Off-Page SEO
B) On-Page and FrontPage SEO
C) Front Page SEO
D) On-Page SEO

Answer: On-Page and Off-Page SEO

which file to give instructions to search engine bots?

A) spider.txt
B) robots.txt
C) searchbots.xml
D) None of the above

Answer: robots.txt

Select the techniques in Which one is the optimization policy in the area of reputability/validity;

A) Grey hat techniques
B) Silver hat techniques
C) Red hat techniques
D) Shady hat techniques

Answer: Grey hat techniques

Select the statements which are correct about RSS;

A) A form of XML
B) It is a real-time streamlined syndication
C) It is a Microsoft technology
D) A way to display the static information.

Answer: A form of XML

Select the examples of agents;

A) Opera
B) Internet Explorer
C) SQL Server database attached to a website
D) Search engine spiders

Answer: A, B, & D
Select an illegal way of SEO;

A) Link Building
B) Creating doorway Pages
C) Writing Meta Tags
D) None of these

Answer: Creating doorway Pages

10) Search Engines manage the heavy database of keywords with URLs.

A) True
B) False

Answer: True

intended arrangements of keywords in page to expand compactness of keywords is called ________

A) Keyword Stuffing
B) Keyword Hijacking
C) None of these

Answer: Keyword Stuffing

SERP abbreviation of;

A) Search Engine Result Page
B) Search Entry Rating Procedure
C) None of the above

Answer: Search Engine Result Page

Select the number which is used to mark an URL redirect;

A) 301
B) 404
C) 200
D) None of the above

Answer: 301

Search engine which is most famous in China is

Answer Baidu

Select the purpose of Search engines; video documents software
4.all of these

Answer all of these
Select the second name of the Web crawler;

1.web spider optimizer directory
4.web manager

Answer web spider

Search results are normally dispensed in a line of results often mention as; engine results pages
2.tag list engine pages
4.category list

Answer; search engine results pages

Search engines manage a heavy database of

3.web pages
4.all of these

Answer; all of these

Internet which is retrieved by transfer digital data over the wires of a local telephone network is provided by; subscriber line
2.leased line signal line line

Answer digital subscriber line

Select the type of redirect/meta label that will move the most authority to the directed page?


Answer: 301

Query parameters are written generally after the symbol;

1.question mark

Answer question mark

Select the following rules out the use of GO TO;

1.Nassi-Shneiderman diagram
3.flow chart
Answer Nassi-Shneiderman diagram

Computer bus line consists of;

1.set of parallel lines
3.registers clock

Answer set of parallel lines

Select the size of DI, SI, SP, and BP stack control register In the computer;

1.4 bytes each
2.6 bytes each
3.2 bytes each
4.8 bytes each

Answer 2 bytes each

Select the name of Computer command which is used to move selected text to another part of a document is

1.copy and position
2.find and replace
3.drag and drop
4.cut and paste

Answer; drag and drop

Select the type of software which is created for users to customize the programs is;

1.macros software

Answer freeware

Cassette tape is an example of

Answer secondary

Select the purpose of “Ctrl + O” keys ; a file option
3.edit a file
4.extract a file
Answer open a file
Answer: 3-4%

25.Google provides priority to themed in-ward links?

A) False
B) True

Answer: True

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