System Programming MCQs

Select the system software that always resides in main memory
(A). Text editor
(B). Loader
(C). Linker
(D). Assembler

Answer:(B). LoaderThe Daisy chain is a device used for ________?
(A). Interconnecting a number of devices to number of controllers
(B). Connecting a number of controller to devices
(C). Connecting a number of devices to a controller
(D). All of above

Answer: (C). Connecting a number of devices to a controller

if you need to create,edit and print documentSelect the softwar type should be used ?
(A). Desktop publishing
(B). Spreadsheet
(C). Word processing

Answer: (C). Word processing

The Producer consumer problem can besolved by_____________?
(A). semaphores
(B). monitors
(C). event counters
(D). all of above

Answer: (D). all of above

Define bootstraping?
(A). A language compile itself
(B). A language compiling other language program
(C). A language interpreting other language program
(D). All of above

Answer: (A). A language compile itself

The Shell is the main feature of_______?
(A). System software
(B). DOS
(D). Application software

Answer:(C). UNIX
The execution of program is called
(A). Instruction
(B). Process
(C). Procedure
(D) Function

Answer: (B). Process

Select from the follwoing that can be used as a criterion for Division of data structures used in language processing.
(A). purpose of a data structure
(B). nature of a data structure
(C). lifetime of a data structure
(D). all of the above

Answer: (D). all of the above.

Select the correct about UNIX device driver
(A). Unstructured
(C). Structured into two halves called top half and bottom half
(D). None of the above

Answer: (C). Structured into two halves called top half and bottom half

what is memory
(A). is an device that performs a sequence of process specified by instructions in memory
(B). is a computational unit to perform specific functions
(C). is a sequence of instructions
(D). is the device where information is stored

Answer: (D). is the device where information is stored

Select the addressing mode, in which the operand is given explicitly in the instruction itself
(A). immediate mode
(B). absolute mode
(C). indirect mode
(D). index mode

Answer: (A). immediate mode

Select the addressing mode the effective address of the operand is generated through adding a constant value to the context of register
(A). indirect mode
(B). immediate mode
(C). absolute mode
(D). index mode

Answer: (A). indirect mode

Define garbage
(A). allocated storage with all across path to it destroyed
(B). un-allocated storage
(C). allocated storage
(D). uninitialized storage

Answer: (A). allocated storage with all across path to it destroyed
Select from the following program That not belong to utility
(A). Spooler
(B). Editor
(C). Debugger
(D). All of the above

Answer: (A). Spooler

Select the development stategy where executive control modules of a system are coded and tested first, is called?
(A). Bottom-up development
(B). Left-Right development
(C). Top-down development
(D). All of the above

Answer:(C). Top-down development

Select the systems software that does the job of merging the records from two flies into one
(A). Utility program
(B). Documentation system
(C). Networking software
(D). Security software

Answer:(A). Utility program

The computer can not boot if it does not have__________________?
(A). loader
(B). compiler
(C) operating system
(D). assembler

Answer: (A). loader

The Process Manager has to keep track of________?
(A). the priority of each program
(B). the status of each program
(C). the information management support to a programmer using the system
(D). both a and b

Answer:(D). both a and b

The sequence of instructions, in a computer language, to obtain the desired resultis called
(A). Algorithm
(B). Program
(C). Decision Table
(D). All of the above

Answer: (B). Program

The Action implementing instruction’s meaning arget through
(A). Instruction execution
(B). Instruction decode
(C). Instruction fetch
(D). Instruction program

Answer: (A). Instruction execution

The Running time of a program base on________?
(A). The order in which computations are performed
(B). The way the registers and addressing modes are used
(C). The usage of machine idioms
(D). All of these

Answer:(D). All of these

The bottom up parser create____________?
(A). Right most derivation in reverse
(B). Right most derivation
(C). Left most derivation
(D). Left most derivation in reverse

Answer:(A). Right most derivation in reverse

The Object program is a_________?
(A). Translation of high-level language into machine language
(B). Program to be translated into machine language
(C). Program written in machine language
(D). None of the mentioned

Answer: (A). Translation of high-level language into machine language

Select the system software based in main memory
(A). linker
(B). assembler
(C). texteditor
(D). all of these

Answer:(D). all of these

Select the Software that give permission to your computer to communicate with the user, applications, and hardware is known as
(A). system software
(B). word processor
(C). application software
(D). database software

Answer: (A). system software

Select the Programs that linked computer resources and provide an interface between users and the compute,and also used to run the application program.
(A). operating systems
(B). utilitiesion
(C). device drivers
(D). language translators

Answer: (A). operating systems

Select the Specialized programs that allow specific input or output devices to intrect with the rest of
the computer system are called
(A). device drivers
(B). utilities
(C). operating systems
(D). language translators

Answer: (A). device drivers
The type of program that performs certian tasks associate to managing computer resources.Also called
(A). operating system
(B). utility
(C). language translator
(D). None of these

Answer: (B). utility

For the computer understaing the program it must be converted into machine language by_____________?

(A). language translator
(B). utility
(C). device driver
(D). operating system

Answer: (D). operating system
Select the function that a not belong to the operating system
(A). Manage resources
(B). Provide a user interface
(C). Internet access
(D). Load and run applications

Answer: (C). Internet access

Select the items that used by the computer in its functioning are collectively known as
(A). capital
(B). stuff
(C). resources
(D). properties

Answer: (C). resources

Select the Programs that has all of the computer’s resources add like memory, processing, storage, and devices such as printers are collectively known as
(A). language translators
(B). interfaces
(C). applications
(D). resources

Answer: (D). resources
The compiler used to transfer___________that the computer can understand.
(A). Source code into data
(B). Algorithm into data
(C). Computer language into data
(D). None of the above

Answer: (A). Source code into data
The object code is then passed by program known as

(A). Linker
(B). Source code
(C). Integer
(D). None of the above
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Answer: (A). Linker

When we starrt the the computer, a special type of absolute loader is executed,is known as
(A). Compile and Go loader
(B). Bootstrap loader
(C). Boot loader
(D). Relating loader

Answer:(B). Bootstrap loader

Define the program?
(A). is the device where information is stored
(B). is a sequence of instructions
(C). is a device that performs a sequence of operations specified by instructions in memory
(D). none of these

Answer: B). is a sequence of instructions

Select the following parts of system includes the program s or instructions.
(A). icon
(B). hardware
(C). software
(D). information

Answer: (C). software

__ symbol used to separate the user name from the ISP in E-mail addresses .
(A). %
(B). *
(C). .
(D). @

Answer: (D). @

The different types of applications and documents are represented on the Windows desktop through______?
(A). graphs
(B). labels
(C). icons
(D). symbols

Answer: (C). icons

The coordination of processor operation in CPU is controled by_____________?
(A). Registers
(B). ALU
(C). CU
(D). All of the above

Answer: (C). CU

Select the inventor of microprocessor
(A). Marican E Huff
(B). John Atansof
(C). Joseph Jucquard
(D). all of the above

Answer: (D). all of the above

Select the name first microprocessor chip was
(A). Intel4004
(B). Intel2004
(C). Intel3004
(D). Intel1004

Answer: (A). Intel4004

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