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Artificial Intelligence Learning solved MCQs (Questions & Answers).

Which of the following is helpful in determining the nature of the learning problem?
(A). Environment
(B). Feedback
(C). Problem
(D). All of the mentioned
MCQ Answer: b

How many types are present in machine learning?
(A). 1
(B). 2
(C). 3
(D). 4
MCQ Answer: c

Which of the following will occur if the hypothesis space comprises the true function?
(A). Realizable
(B). Unrealizable
(C). Both A and B
(D). None of these
MCQ Answer: b

Which of the following will happen as the agent detects its interactions with the world?
(A). Learning
(B). Hearing
(C). Perceiving
(D). Speech
MCQ Answer: a

Which of the following takes input as an object explained by a set of attributes?
(A). Tree
(B). Graph
(C). Decision graph
(D). Decision tree
MCQ Answer: d

Which changes the performance element so that it makes healthier decisions?
(A). Performance element
(B). Changing element
(C). Learning element
(D). None of these
MCQ Answer: c

A total number of things concerned in the design of a learning element?
(A). 1
(B). 2
(C). 3
(D). 4
MCQ Answer: c

Which of the following is helpful for utility functions in the game-playing algorithms?
(A). Linear polynomial
(B). Weighted polynomial
(C). Polynomial
(D). Linear weighted polynomial
MCQ Answer: d

The decision tree reaches its decision by which of the following test?
(A). Single test
(B). Two test
(C). Sequence of test
(D). No test
MCQ Answer: c

Which of the following is helpful in selecting among several consistent hypotheses?
(A). Razor
(B). Ockham razor
(C). Learning element
(D). None of these
MCQ Answer: b

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