Expert Systems MCQs

Solved MCQs on Expert Systems in Artificial Intelligence(Questions Answers).

1. Which of the following applications are in the Strategic Computing Program?

(A). battle management

(B). autonomous systems

(C). pilot’s associate

(D). All of these

(E). None of these

MCQ Answer: d

2. The function returns t if <integer> is even and nil otherwise ______ in LISP.

(A). (numeven <integer>)

(B). (even <integer>)

(C). (evenp <integer>)

(D). (numnevenp <integer>)

(E). None of these

MCQ Answer: (C). (evenp <integer>)

3. Which of the following are the benefits of working on an expert system development tool?

(A). imposed structure

(B). knowledge  engineering assistance

(C). rapid prototyping

(D). All of these

(E). None of these

MCQ Answer: d

4. Which of the following is the first most used commercial form of Artificial Intelligence is being used in most of the famous products including automobiles, microwave ovens,  and plug-in circuit boards for desktop PCs. It permits the machines to efficiently handle the vague information with a deftness that mimics human intuition.

(A). Boolean logic

(B). Human logic

(C). Fuzzy logic

(D). Functional logic

(E). None of these

MCQ Answer: c

5. An AI system by Daniel Bobrow for the purpose of reading and solving algebra word problems.





(E). None of these

MCQ Answer: (B). STUDENT

6. The function evaluates <object> and allocates this value to the unevaluated <sconst> in LISP.

(A). (constant <sconst> <object>)

(B). (defconstant <sconst> <object>)

(C). (eva <sconst> <object>)

(D). (eva <object> <sconst>)

(E). None of these

MCQ Answer: b

7. According to the “Turing Machine”, we could use which of the following system to program any algorithmic task.

(A). binary

(B). electro-chemical

(C). recursive

(D). semantic

E). None of these

(E). None of these

MCQ Answer: a

8. Which of the following technology is used by MCC for investigating the improvement of the relationship between people and computers?

(A). human factors

(B). computer-aided design

(C). parallel processing

(D). All of these

(E). None of these

MCQ Answer: (A). human factors

9. In Cybernetics, Norbert Wiener recommended a method of modeling scientific phenomena using not energy, but ______?

(A). mathematics

(B). intelligence

(C). information

(D). history

(E). None of these

MCQ Answer: c

10. Input segments of Artificial intelligence programming covers which of the following?

(A). sound

(B). smell

(C). touch

(D). None of these

MCQ Answer: d

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