PPSC Interview Questions of Lecturer Computer Science

Lecturer Computer Science PPSC Interview Questions

These questions are taken from a candidate who appears in PPSC Interview at Lahore for Lecturer Computer Science in Punjab.

Interview date and time: 16-12-2020 and 11:00 AM.

  • Member PPSC: Dr. Ajmal Khan
  • First introduction and 40-sec limit
  • Member: Discussion of the thesis.
  • Subject Specialist1: What is deep learning? Question about CNN?
  • Subject Specialist1: Question about Favorite subjects?
  • Subject Specialist1: Question about  O(2^n) vs O(n^million).
  • Subject Specialist1: Critical Section and It’s Working.
  • Subject Specialist1: Normalization Types? Question about well-known types? BCNF?
  • Subject Specialist2: Question about Acceptance Testing.
  • Subject Specialist2: Internal and External Fragmentation.
  • Subject Specialist2: Inspection vs. Testing.
  • Subject Specialist2: What are weak Ai and Strong Ai?
  • Member: Question about Bluetooth.
  • Member: What is Bluetooth
  • Member: What is iOT?
  • Member: Error vs Defect?
  • Member: Bug vs Virus?

Another Interview

  • Current CEO’s of YouTube Facebook Google
  • Who Invented Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc
  • First programmer name
    Macintosh os writer etc

Lecturer Computer Science Interview held on12 January 2021 in Lahore Center

Lecturer Computer Science Interview Questions in an interview held on12 January 2021 in Lahore Center.

  1. Agile Methodology
  2. Difference between spiral and waterfall model.
  3. Portable software
  4. Founder of youtube
  5. Founder of Facebook
  6. Who is Lary peg?
  7. Function overloading
  8. Where is port Qasim
  9. Difference between Platform or framework
  10. Duplicate values in the array
  11. Function overriding
  12. Nutshell
  13. SSH Tunneling
  14. Aging
  15. Where is Gwadar port
  16. Rivers of Punjab
  17. The tablespace in oracle.
  18. Why we use the Virtual function?
  19. Founder of google
  20. What is silicone valley?
  21. Why we use normalization?
  22. Paging

Lecturer Computer Science Interview held on12 January 2021 in Multan Center

Lecturer Computer Science Interview Questions in an interview held on 12 January 2021 in Multan Center.

  1. Delete a duplicate value from the array
  2. Regression
  3. 1st normal form
  4. Remove a node from the doubly linked list
  5. Readout 10 personalities and asked to recognize them by their name
  6. Capability maturity Model
  7. Regression vs Classification
  8. Dangling pointer
  9. Memory leakage
  10. Array vs Linked list
  11. Why a noble prize is awarded
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