Entity Relationship MCQs ER Diagram

Entity Relationship MCQs is the set of solved MCQs of ERD(Entity relationship diagram) with repeatedly asked questions and answers.

In an E-R, B is the dominant entity and A is a subordinate entity. Select which one is incorrect?

(A). An A existence is dependent on B
(B). operationally, if A is deleted, B remains the same
(C). operationally, if A is deleted, so is B
(D). operationally, If B is deleted, so is

Answer:(A). An A existence is dependent on B

The number of entities to which another entity can be related through a relationship set is called?

(A). Cardinality
(B). Entity
(C). Schema
(D). Attributes

Answer: (A). Cardinality

The Relations bring from an E-R model will usually be in :

(A). Third normal form
(B). Second normal form
(C). First normal form
(D). Fourth normal form

Answer : (A). Third normal form
Select the attributes which made up of more than one single attribute.

(A). Multi-value attribute
(B). Derived attribute
(C). Single value attribute
(D). Composite attribute

Answer : (D). Composite attribute

An association of various entities in an Entity-Relation model is known as

(A). Relationship
(B). Record
(C). Tuple
(D). Field

Answer : (A). Relationship

If two entities have many to many relationships mostly results in how many tables.

(A). Three
(B). Two
(C). One
(D). Four

Answer :
(A). Three
Which is a set of entities of the same type that share the same properties, or attributes.

(A). Relation set
(B). Attribute set
(C). Entity set
(D). Entity model

Answer : (C). Entity set

Select about the Entity

(A). The thing in the real world
(B). Present working model
(C). Object of relation
(D). Model of relation

Answer: (A). The thing in the real world

How the Every weak entity set can be changed into a strong entity set through?

(A). using generalization
(B). using aggregation
(C). adding appropriate attributes
(D). none of the above

Answer (C). adding appropriate attributes

Select the E-R modeling technique is a _____________?

(A). Left-right approach
(B). Bottom-up approach
(C). Top-down approach
(D). None of the above

Answer :(C). Top-down approach

This process of hiding the details of entities in the ER model is known as?

(A). generalization
(B). abstraction
(C). specialization
(D). none of these above

Answer: (B). abstraction

The attribute AGE is?

(A). Single valued
(B). Derived
(C). Composite
(D). Multi-valued

Answer : (B). Derived

Select from the following the multi-valued attribute.

(A). Date_of_birth
(B). Name
(C). Phone_number
(D). All of the mentioned

Answer :(C). Phone_number

Which one is a single-valued attribute?

(A). Reference
(B). Address
(D). Register_number

Answer : (D). Register_number

The primary key in a many to one relationship, acts as a foreign key on which side?

(A). On the side where many relationships are defined
(B). On the side where a single (one) relationship is defined
(C). On both the sides
(D). Neither of them

Answer : (A). On the side where many relationships is defined

Select about weak entity set in an E-R diagram.

(A). has a primary key
(B). is not existence dependent on a dominant entity
(C). must be part of a one to many relationship set
(D). must not participate as owner in an identifying relationship with another entity set

Answer : (C). must be part of a one to many relationship set