Entity Relationship MCQs ER Diagram

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil
Last modified on April 21st, 2021

Entity Relationship MCQs is the set of solved MCQs of ERD(Entity relationship diagram) with repeatedly asked questions and answers.

In an E-R, B is the dominant entity and A is a subordinate entity. Select which one is incorrect?

(A). An A existence is dependent on B
(B). operationally, if A is deleted, B remains the same
(C). operationally, if A is deleted, so is B
(D). operationally, If B is deleted, so is

Answer:(A). An A existence is dependent on B

The number of entities to which another entity can be related through a relationship set is called?

(A). Cardinality
(B). Entity
(C). Schema
(D). Attributes

Answer: (A). Cardinality

The Relations bring from an E-R model will usually be in :

(A). Third normal form
(B). Second normal form
(C). First normal form
(D). Fourth normal form

Answer : (A). Third normal form
Select the attributes which made up of more than one single attribute.

(A). Multi-value attribute
(B). Derived attribute
(C). Single value attribute
(D). Composite attribute

Answer : (D). Composite attribute

An association of various entities in an Entity-Relation model is known as

(A). Relationship
(B). Record
(C). Tuple
(D). Field

Answer : (A). Relationship

If two entities have many to many relationships mostly results in how many tables.

(A). Three
(B). Two
(C). One
(D). Four

Answer :
(A). Three
Which is a set of entities of the same type that share the same properties, or attributes.

(A). Relation set
(B). Attribute set
(C). Entity set
(D). Entity model

Answer : (C). Entity set

Select about the Entity

(A). The thing in the real world
(B). Present working model
(C). Object of relation
(D). Model of relation

Answer: (A). The thing in the real world

How the Every weak entity set can be changed into a strong entity set through?

(A). using generalization
(B). using aggregation
(C). adding appropriate attributes
(D). none of the above

Answer (C). adding appropriate attributes

Select the E-R modeling technique is a _____________?

(A). Left-right approach
(B). Bottom-up approach
(C). Top-down approach
(D). None of the above

Answer :(C). Top-down approach

This process of hiding the details of entities in the ER model is known as?

(A). generalization
(B). abstraction
(C). specialization
(D). none of these above

Answer: (B). abstraction

The attribute AGE is?

(A). Single valued
(B). Derived
(C). Composite
(D). Multi-valued

Answer : (B). Derived

Select from the following the multi-valued attribute.

(A). Date_of_birth
(B). Name
(C). Phone_number
(D). All of the mentioned

Answer :(C). Phone_number

Which one is a single-valued attribute?

(A). Reference
(B). Address
(D). Register_number

Answer : (D). Register_number

The primary key in a many to one relationship, acts as a foreign key on which side?

(A). On the side where many relationships are defined
(B). On the side where a single (one) relationship is defined
(C). On both the sides
(D). Neither of them

Answer : (A). On the side where many relationships is defined

Select about weak entity set in an E-R diagram.

(A). has a primary key
(B). is not existence dependent on a dominant entity
(C). must be part of a one to many relationship set
(D). must not participate as owner in an identifying relationship with another entity set

Answer : (C). must be part of a one to many relationship set

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