Spiral Model MCQs Questions Answers

1. Spiral model originally proposed by

a. Boehm
Answer: A

2. A software program that is outdated or obsolete is termed as

a.legacy application
b.engineering application
c.embedded application
d.open source application
Answer: A

3. In the spiral model ‘risk analysis’ is performed
a. In the first loop
b.In every loop
c.Before using the spiral model
d.in first and second loop
Answer: B

4.The spiral model of software development
a. It is more chaotic than the incremental model
b. Include project risks evaluation during each iteration
c. Ends with the delivery of software product
Answer: B

5.The spiral model was originally proposed by
d.Barry Boehm

6. Pattern enables software house team  to develop a hierarchical process description that begins at

a.high level of abstraction
b.low level of abstraction
c.mid level of abstraction
d.no level of abstraction
Answer: A

7.he spiral model has two dimensions namely _____________ and ____________.
a) diagonal, angular
b) radial, perpendicular
c) radial, angular
d) diagonal, perpendicular

8. A software process that facilitates university teaching of industrial-grade team skills is

Answer: A

9. How is WINWIN Spiral Model different from Spiral Model?
a) It defines tasks required to define timelines, resources, and other project related information
b) During the starting of each pass around the spiral, It defines a set of negotiation related activities
c) It defines tasks required to assess both management and technical risks
d) It defines tasks required to test, install, construct, and provide user support
Answer: B

10. How is the Incremental Model different from Spiral Model?
a) Progress can be measured for Incremental Model
b) In incremental model, changing requirements can be accommodated
c) All of the mentioned

d) None of these
Answer: A

11. Identify the disadvantage of the Spiral Model.
a) Doesn’t work well for smaller projects
b) High amount of risk analysis
c) Strong approval and documentation control
d) None of these

12. Each loop in the spiral represents _____ of the software process in Boehm’s spiral model

a. phase
b. design
c. documentation
d. none of the above
Answer: A

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