Technical Report Writing Multiple Choice Questions MCQs

Technical Report Writing Multiple Choice Questions MCQs

1._____ establishes the technical report.

A. Logical conclusion
B. Illogical Conclusion
C. Personal prejudice
D. Misplaced learning

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2.Which is not basis for a technical report?

A. Facts
B. Tests
C. Personal prejudices
D. Experiments

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3. Shorter report is considered to be as.

A. One to five pages
B. Three to five pages
C. Four to five pages
D. Two paragraph

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4. In technical writing the largest report termed is.

A. Conclusion/recommendation
B. Discussion
C. Heading
D. Footing

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5. In a technical report Which of these must be avoided.

A. Facts
B. Logical conclusion
C. Objective evaluation
D. Subjective evaluation

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6. Once getting problem identified with its causes, next step involved in;

A. Choosing team lead
B. Identifying solution to problem
C. Identifying the problem
D. All of above

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7. We, us and our are examples of;

A. Contractions
B. Pronoun usage
C. Name usage
D. Noun

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8. A report may be used for?

A. Reading
B. Hearing
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

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9. A list of illustrations, included; figures and tables, placed on;

A. Abstract vision
B. Title page
C. Table of contents
D. Bottom line

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10. Last step of writing an effective website, involved in;

A. Error correction
B. Testing the website
C. Enhancing tone
D. Overviewing

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11. Which of these is not a parameter in a report?

A. Extent of information
B. Quality of information
C. Age of writer
D. Ability to acquire information

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12. What audience is the least information needed?

A. Low tech audience
B. Lay audience
C. High-tech audience
D. All of above

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Which of the following statements about reports is accurate?

a. Informal reports of eight or fewer pages are the most common report in the workplace.
b. Writers develop reports for internal audiences only.
c. Business professionals rarely write reports.
d. Both b and c

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a. Informal reports of eight or fewer pages are the most common report in the workplace.

Which of the following is most likely to be written as an informative report?

a. A recommendation from the Information Technology Department that your company install a wireless network
b. A summary of information presented at a recent conference for technical writers
c. A comparison of five handheld communication devices that your company might purchase

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d. A feasibility study addressing tuition reimbursement to all employees

Reports that provide data or findings, analyses, and conclusions are

a. informational reports.
b. progress reports.
c. summaries.
d. analytical reports.

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d. analytical reports.

Which of the following reports is an example of an analytical report?

a. A report summarizing the details of a recent seminar you attended
b. A report outlining the new company procedure for reporting workplace injuries
c. A report recommending an antiterrorism security system for mass transit
d. A report showing state budget allocations for education

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c. A report recommending an antiterrorism security system for mass transit

The direct pattern of organization is appropriate for a business report when readers

a. need to be educated.
b. must be persuaded.
c. may be disappointed or hostile
d. are informed.

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d. are informed.

Reports convey information, answer questions, and

a. present your opinions.
b. comply with government regulations.
c. solve problems
d. None of these

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c. solve problems

Reports that present data without analysis or recommendations are

a. justification reports.
b. analytical reports.
c. Both an and.
d. informational reports.

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a. justification reports.

If you want to increase your credibility when writing a business report, you should work to

(A). provide facts and conclusions that will help decision making.

(B). support managers’ preconceived ideas.

(C). both A and B

(D). draw the reader’s attention to your writing style.

(E). None of these

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(A). provide facts and conclusions that will help decision making.

It is the ____, not the ____, that is the focus of a report using APA writing style.

(A). data – research

(B). researcher –  research

(C). research –  data

(D). research – researcher

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(D). research - researcher

When you’re writing a report, be sure to adapt to your audience by

(A) being sensitive to their needs.

(B) controlling your style and tone.

(C) both a and b.

(D) None of the above.

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(C) both a and b.

When writing an effective essay, using credible information _______ for the report.

(A). provides content
(B).gives credit to sources and upholds ethical writing standards
(C).provides structure
(D).provides support

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(D).provides support

Which of the following is one of the fundamental_____ of efficient and effective writing is to put the main important information at the start.

(A). Case
(B). Example
(C). Principle
(D). Situation
(E). None of these
Answer: (C)

Which one is used for the Shortest document among technical written documents?

(A). report
(B). website
(C). summary
(D). paragraph
Answer: C

Which of the following word is a technical word for slanting?

(A). Lateral
(B). Sloping
(C). Tilting
(D). Bent
MCQ Answer: a
We must be avoided __________ in technical writing?

(A). Facts
(B). Grammar
(C). Punctuation
(D). Personal feelings
MCQ Answer: d
The 7C’s apply to which of the following communication?

(A). Only oral communication
(B). Only written communication
(C). Both written and oral communications
(D). None of these
Answer: (C).

Technical writing is considered as same as general writing.

(A). True
(B). False
MCQ Answer: b
Which word is used in technical writing?

(A). Apex
(B). Top
(C). Slanting
(D). Bottom
MCQ Answer: a

All of the following are true of extemporaneous speaking except which of the following?

(A). It emphasizes audience interaction over exact wording.
(B). It includes speaking from key words instead of speaking or reading from memory.
(C). It emphasizes learning to respond to audience feedback.
(D). It is usually chosen when exact timing is a must.
(E). None of these
Answer: (D).
Courtesy has a meaning of not just thinking about the receiver but also giving a value to his/her _________.

(A). Proposal
(B). Feelings
(C). Goodwill
(D). All of these
(E). None of these
Answer: (B).

It is recommended to use Familiar words in technical writing.

(A). True
(B). False
MCQ Answer: a
Technical writing demands which of the following use of language?

(A). figurative
(B). poetic
(C). factual
(D). dramatic
MCQ Answer: c

The first step, engrossed in instructions writing is considered as:

(A). organization of steps
(B). clarification of the audience
(C). review instruction criteria
(D). detailed analysis
Answer: B

The fundamental purpose of an organization's mission statement is to?

(A) generating healthy public relations for the organization.

(B) defining the functional areas necessary by the organization.
(C) defining the operational structure of the company.
(D) creating a healthy human relations climate in the company.

(E) defining the purpose of the organization in your society.
Answer: E

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