Linux Startup and Shutdown MCQs

Linux Startup and Shutdown MCQs

Let us see the Linux Startup and Shutdown MCQs.
1. Single-mode shell runs as
a) Admin user
b) log user
c) single user
d) root user
Answer is  d

2. initrd is a file of Linux;
a) Containing root file-system necessary during startup
b) Contains only scripts for running during startup
c) both a b
d)None of these
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3. when the system is booted, then which of the following is loaded in memory?
a) shell
b) scripts
c) kernel
d) commands
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4. The reason for starting up a computer called
a) Bootstrapping
b) Booting
c) Boot loading
d) Boot record
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5.the another name of Bootstrapping
a) cold boot
b) quick boot
c) Hot boot
d) slow boot
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6. for Single user mode shell used is:
a) bsh
b) sh
c) csh
d) ksh
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7.  not a suitable run-level
a) S
b) 8
c) 1
d) 0
Answer b

8. Which one is partition mounted in Single user mode
a) boot
b) tmp
c) root
d) usr
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9. Which daemon manages the physical memory when another physical memory is required.
a) process daemon
b) init daemon
c) swap daemon
d) sched daemon
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10. which function is started at the end of kernel bootstrap?
a) /etc/kernel
b) /etc/init
c) /etc/user
d) /etc/swap
Answer b

11. init process id is:
a) -1
b) 4
c) 2
d) 1
Answer is a

12. To get the default run level, which function is read by init
a) /etc/kernel
b) /etc/boot
c) /etc/init
d) /etc/inittab
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