Database MCQs from book chapter

Database MCQs from the book chapter

1. Built-in functions are also named as …

a) user-defined

b) subprograms

c) subroutines

d) none

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2. Which statement  is not true about function?

a) it can not return any value

b) independent program

c) function is also referred as modules

d) Both (a) & (c)

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3. A function that does not return any thing has return type… 

a) void

b) null

c) float

d) nothing

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4. Protype means …

a) sample

b) model

c) definition

d) both (a) & (b)

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5. Declaring variables inside a function are called as …

a) private variables

b) external variables

c) local variables

d) global variables

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6. We call pre-defined functions as …

a) subprograms

b) built-in functions

c) user -defined

d) subroutines

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7. Which one is the advantage of a function?

a) re-usability

b) eliminate duplicate code

c) easy to understand

d) none

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8. Sub-programs in C-language are called as …

a) procedures

b) functions

c) modules

d) methods

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9. We can a function using the reference of its …

a) definition

b) parameter

c) name

d) all of the above

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10. Which of the following  can’t be nested?

a) do-while statament

b) if statement

c) while statement 

d) user-defined functions

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11. The parameters defined in the header of function are called as …

a) default parameters

b) actual parameters

c) command-line parameters

d) formal parameters

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12. The global variables are created in …

a) hard disc

b) cache


d) ROM

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