Database MCQ’s

Database MCQ’s

1. Table with similar records is

A. Record

B. Field

C. File

D. None

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2. SQL is a

A. Software

B. Structured language

C. Unstructured language

D. Object oriented language

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3. Retrival  and storage of data is

A. Managing output

B. Data manipulation

C. Data capturing

D. All of these

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4. Process of merging relations is …

A. View relations

B. View data models

C. View integration

D. None of these

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5. In  E-R diagram, an oval is for

A. Relationship

B. Entity

C. Attribute

D. Process

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6. Example of one-to-many relationship in E-R diagram

A. Father-son

B. Teacher-student

C. Country-capital

D. Mother-daughter

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A &D

7. We can create an index on

A. Foreign key

B. Secondary key

C. Primary key

D. All of above

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8. The relationship between data objects is …

A. Data table

B. Data flow Diagram

C. Data modelling

D. None of these

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9. We can represent optional relationship by

A. O

B. />

C. </

D. ^

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10. Modality is also related to …

A. Mandatory

B. Cardinality

C. Optional

D. Logical

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B &C

11.  Basic data distribution strategy is …

A. Replicated

B. Centralized

C. Partitioned

D. All of the above

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12. Physically arranging records on secondary storage devices of a file is …

A. File organization

B. Integrity constraints

C. Indexes

D. Data distribution strategy

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