Data Security MCQs

Which one attack-based check Web Inspect cannot do?
(A). cross-site scripting
(B). injecting shell code
(C). parameter injection
(D). directory traversal
(E). All of the above
Answer: (B). injecting shellcode
Select the password recovery and auditing tool.
(A). LC3
(B). Network Stumbler
(C). LC4
(D) .Maltego
(E). both a and b

Answer: c). LC4

In 3-2-1 rule 2 Show _________?
(A). copies of our data
(B). off-site backup
(C). different formats
(D). None of the above
(E). All of the above

Answer : (B). off-site backup

Select the process that is used for keeping data at a secure place for long-term storage.

(A). Disposal of Data
(B). Archival Storage
(C). Data archiving
(D). Backup
(E). both a and c

Answer :(C). Data archiving

Select from the following that is not a form of data archiving?

(A). Storage archiving
(B). Offline
(C). Online
(D). Cloud-storage
(E). none of these

Answer : (A). Storage archiving
Select the example of archives online.

(A). dedicated archive server
(B). document files
(C). On removable media
(D). DVD drives
(E). none of these

Answer: (A). dedicated archive server
Select from the following that will not help us for the secure disposal of data?

(A). Destroy the data
(B). Destroy access
(C). Keep careful records
(D). Destroy the device
(E). none of these

Answer : (B). Destroy access

Select from the following data security consideration.

(A). Disposal of Data
(B). Archival Storage
(C). Backups
(D). Both a and c
(E). All of the above

Answer : (E). All of the above

Which one is the most used rule for backup.

(A). 4-2-1 Rule
(B). 4-3-2 Rule
(C). 3-2-1 Rule
(D). 4-3-1 Rule
(E). none of these

Answer : (C). 3-2-1 Rule
Which framework produce cracking of vulnerabilities easy like point and click.(
(A). Zeus
(B). Metasploit
(C). .Net
(D). Ettercap
(E). both a and b

Answer: (A). Zeus

Select the popular tool used to find networks as well as in security auditing.
(A). Ettercap
(B). Nmap
(C). Metasploit
(D). Burp Suit
(E). none of these

Answer: (B) Nmap
Select the Nmap that does not check?
(A). services different hosts are offering
(B). what type of antivirus is in use
(C). what kind of firewall is in use
(D). on what OS they are running
(E). Both a and b

Answer: (B) what type of antivirus is in use
Which one is interacting with network intrusion detection and real-time traffic analysis.
(A). Snort
(B). L0phtCrack
(C). John the Ripper
(D). Nessus
(E). none of these

Answer: (A) Snort

Wireshark is a?.
(A). connection analysis network
(B). network connection security
(C). protocol analysis
(D). defending malicious packet-filtering
(E). none of these

Answer: (B). network connection security

Which tool is used for Wi-Fi hacking?
(A). Wireshark
(B). Snort
(C). Aircrack-ng
(D). Nessus
(E). none of these

Answer: (B). Snort

Select the use of Aircrack-ng.
(A). Firewall bypassing
(B). Packet filtering
(C). Wi-Fi attacks
(D). System password cracking
(E). none of these

Answer: (C). Wi-Fi attacks

Select the popular IP address and port scanner.
(A). Angry IP Scanner
(B). Snort
(C). Cain and Abel
(D). Ettercap
(E). All of these

Answer: (A). Angry IP Scanner
Which tool used for network analysis in the multi-protocol diverse network.
(A). Snort
(B). EtterPeak
(C). Burp Suit
(D). SuperScan
(E). both a and b

Answer: (B). EtterPeak

Select that used to scans TCP ports and resolves various hostnames.
(A). Ettercap
(B). Snort
(C). SuperScan
(D). QualysGuard
(E). none of these

Answer: (C). SuperScan

Select the web application assessment security tool.
(A). LC4
(B). Ettercap
(C). WebInspect
(D). QualysGuard
(E). none of these

Answer: (C). WebInspect

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