Jobs Openings

Jobs Openings

jobs openings

We are welcome you a part of our team. We are looking for various Internee/ Freelancers /Part time/Full-Time employee having great expertise in any of the mentioned subjects to write Articles, Tutorials and another similar kind of content.

  1. Information Technology
  2. Computer Science
  3. Software Engineering
  4. Commerce
  5. Economic
  6. Statistics
  7. Management Science
  8. Mechanical engineering
  9. Electrical engineering
  10. Chemical engineering
  11. Environmental engineering
  12. Geological engineering
  13. Gas & Petroleum engineering & many more
  14. Applied Geology
  15. Chemistry
  16. Physics
  17. Psychology
  18. Mathematics
  19. Animal Science
  20. Environmental Sciences
  21. Mathematics
  22. Microbiology
  23. Library Science
  24. Sports Science
  25. Food Sciences & Technology
  26. Earth Sciences
  27. Philosophy
  28. Sociology & Cultural Studies
  29. English Linguistics
  30. Fine Arts
  31. History
  32. Medical

Procedure to Apply

Email Your CV to [email protected]

If you will be a short list for further procedure, then you will be informed by email for further procedure.

Note: Your content must be unique. You will not be allowed to copy and paste any one line from any source. Images will also be original images.|

When your article will be approved by our reviewers, then you will be paid for the article and after that, you will be not be allowed to reuse the content for any kind of purpose. The created content will be the copyrighted property of the company.  Our content is copyrighted under the Digital Millennium Copy Right  Act Services 2019.

Salary Package

Attractive salary packages depending upon your writing experience level.

Benefits of working with Us


• You can work from home.
• You can work as per your convenience.
• You will get paid for every work you did.
• You can work for a lifetime with us.
• You can do it with your regular job.
• Its money is many times more than you pay because with pay you need to move in your car to your working place. Sometimes you need to buy a nearby house or need to rent a flat only for your job.

  • It will help in improving your knowledge.