Electronic Record Keeping MCQs

Electronic Record Keeping MCQs Solved is the set of MCQs frquently asked in different admission and public service commission test.
The Abbrivation of MFD?
(A) Master File Directory
(B) Memory File Directory
(C) Main File Directory
(D) Master Format Directory

Answer: (A) Master File Directory

when a user created opens an account in the computer system____________appear?
(D) Subdirectory

Answer: (D) Subdirectory

If there is two and three characters attach to relative filename separated by a period.
(A) status
(B) extension
(C) identifier
(D) descriptor

Answer: (B) extension

select the Files that keep the hierarchical structure of the file system.
(A) Directories
(B) Descriptors
(C) Modifiers
(D) Relative files

Answer:(A) Directories
Select the Files in which users store information and data
(A) Ordinary files
(B) Info files
(C) Special files
(D) Complex files

Answer: (A) Ordinary files

Select the name of the files that appear as entries in the directories.
(A) Ordinary files
(B) Duplicate files
(C) Special files
(D) Sub directories

Answer: (C) Special files
Select the Number of regions of the disk in a UNIX files management system.
(A) 1
(B) 4
(C) 3
(D) 2

Answer: (B) 4
10.The execution of multiple instructions at the same time is called
(A) parallel processing
(B) processing
(C) serial processing
(D) multitasking
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Answer: (A) parallel processing


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