Software testing MCQ’S for book chapters

Software testing MCQ’S for book chapters

1. Choose which effort is required for locating and fixing an error in an operational program
A. Efficiency
B. Usability
C. Maintainability
D. Testability

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2. What is the basic reason for the poor quality in an organization can be…
A. Lack of knowledge about quality
B. Lack of involvement by management
C. Time constraints
D. Both an and b
E.None of the above
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3.The effort required for modifying an operational program.
A. Availability
B. Maintainability
C. Portability
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4.What is Integrity.
A. a program satisfies its specs and fulfills the user’s mission and goals
B. learning, operating, preparing input, interpreting the output of a program
C. couple one system with another
D. access to data or software by unauthorized persons can be controlled or accessed
E. None of the above
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5. To achieve the software Quality is easily adaptable only with programming skills?
A. True
B. False
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6.What is the Failure to enforce standards as a contributor to poor quality is because of…
A. Lack of knowledge
B. Lack of involvement by management
C. None of the above
D. Both A and B.
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7. For the achievement of quality like make the products which have no defect such products and services we require called.
A. Close cooperation between management and staff
B. Commitment
C. An environment in which quality can flourish
D. All of these
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8. Is the quality of the software is a long-term strategy.
A. True
B. False
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9.Is the 100% Quality of a software is achieveable.
C.depent on tester
D.envirenment factor involve
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10.What is not to be possibly done by black box tester
A.Find system weakness
B.Understand the source code
C.Understand functional specification or requirments document
D.Motivated to find faults.
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11. What type of change do you need before when you are able to obtain a behavior change?
A. Lifestyle change
B. Internal change
C. Vocabulary change
D. Management change
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12. What is the term RE represent in the quantifying risk…
A. Risk End
B. Risk behavious
C. Risk ratio
D. None of these
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