Physical Layer OSI Model Solved MCQs

Let us see the Physical Layer OSI Model Solved MCQs.

1. The physical layer concerns with
a) process to process delivery
b) bit-by-bit delivery
c) application to application delivery
d) none of the mentioned bit-by-bit delivery
Answer: B
2. The term that refers to a physical layer technique is called
d) TDM
Answer: D

3. A message travels over a physical path is called___.
a) Signals
b) Medium
c) Protocols
d) All the above
Answer: B

4. The _____ is the portion of the physical layer that interfaces with the media access control sublayer
a) physical address sublayer
b) physical data sublayer
c) physical signaling sublayer
d) none of the mentioned
Answer: C

5. The physical layer is responsible for movements of individual
a) Frames
b) Bit
c) Packet
d) Bytes
Answer: B

6. The physical layer is responsible for
a) line coding
b) channel coding

c) modulation
d) all of the mentioned
Answer: D

7. A device that operates below the physical layer of the OSI model is
a) active hub
b) repeater
c) bridge
d) passive hub
Answer: D

8. IEEE 802.11 covers the physical layer and
a) Datalink layer
b) Network layer
c) Session layer
d) Transport layer
Answer: A

9. The physical layer translates logical communication request me the ______into hardware-specific operations.
a) Datalink layer
b) Network layer
c) Physical layer
d) Application layer
Answer: B

10. Wireless transmission can be done via
a) microwaves
b) radio waves
c) infrared
d) all of the mentioned
Answer: D

11. The network layer lies on ………. layer.
a) Physical
b) data link
c) network
d) transport
Answer: physical

12. The …………. layer changes bits into electromagnetic signals.
a) Physical
b) data link
c) transport
d) network

Answer: physical

13. During the data transmission process____ layer of OSI layer that prevents itself from adding its own header to a) Network layer
b) Application layer
c) Physical layer
d) None of the above
Answer: Physical layer

which of the following OSI layer is

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