Internet Protocols MCQs

Internet Protocols MCQs

1. Which version field of IPv4 header, when the machine is using some other version of IPv4 then datagram__________.

A. Accepted
B. Discarded
C. Interpreted incorrectly
D. Interpreted

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2. What is header of datagram in IPv4________

A. 20 to 60 bytes
B. 20 to 80 bytes
C. 20 to 40 bytes
D. 0 to 20 bytes

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3. Which one of the following source needs to pass information to all routers visited by datagram, the option used in

A. IP-by-IP option
B. Header-by-Header option
C. Hop-by-Hop Option
D. Loop-by-loop Option

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4. What is the responsibility of the internetwork, the network layer is ________

A. Host to Server communication
B. Host to User Link
C. User to Host IP
D. Host to Host Delivery

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5. What is the abbreviation of CCT…

A. Congestion Controlled Transmission
B. Close Circuit Traffic
C. Close Circuit Transmission
D. Congestion Controlled Traffic

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6. Fragmented datagram’s fragment size should have the first-byte number of IPv4 divisible by_______

A. 8
B. 16
C. 2
D. 4

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7. How IPv6 is designed to allow extension of_________

A. Headers
B. DataSet
C. Protocol
D. Routes

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8. When flag field that fragmentation of IPV4 is________.

A.  2 bit field
B.  1 bit field
C.  4 bit field
D.  3 bit field

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9. M bit is 0, value of HLEN is 5, value of total length is 200 and offset value _______ ,in an IPv6 datagram.

A. 200
B. 300
C. 350
D. 400

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10. In IPv4, a When machine drops header and trailer when it receives a

A. Frame
B. Signal
C. Request
D. Service

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11. The datagram network uses universal addresses defined in the network layer to route packets from source to the…

A. Destination
B. Application
C. Same source
D. Layers

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12. How physical and data link layers of a network operate…

A. Unjointly
B. Seperately
C. Locally
D. Independently

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