Statistics Artificial Intelligence MCQs

Statistics Artificial Intelligence solved MCQs (Questions Answers).

1. The explanation facility of an expert system can be applicable to

(A). construct a diagnostic model

(B). expedite the debugging process

(C). explain the system’s reasoning process

(D). c and b

MCQ Answer is: d

2. Which of the following Visual clues are valuable in computer vision?

(A). color and motion

(B). depth and texture

(C). height and weight

(D). both a and b

MCQ Answer is: d

3. In which of the following areas may ICAI programs prove to be valuable?

(A). educational institutions

(B). corporations

(C). department of Defense

(D). All of these

MCQ Answer is: d

4. Which of the following is a network with labeled arcs and named nodes that can be used to represent certain natural language grammars to support the parsing mechanism.

(A). Transition Network

(B). Star Network

(C). Tree Network

(D). Complete Network

MCQ Answer is: a

5. A Computer normally solves a problem by breaking the problem into a series of yes or no decisions that these decisions can be represented with binary 0 or 1. Which of the following is the logic that permits the computers to allocate numerical values that fail somewhere between binary?

(A). Human logic

(B). Fuzzy logic

(C). Boolean logic

(D). Operational logic

MCQ Answer is: b

6. Which of the following is the company that makes its name in research at the MIT AI lab?

(A). AI corp

(B). LMI

(C). Symbolics

(D). Both LMI and Symbolics

MCQ Answer is: d

7. Which of the following technique is being examined as a method to automatic programming?

(A). generative CAI

(B). non-hierarchical planning

(C). specification by example

(D). All of these

MCQ Answer is: c

8. Which of the following is the primary technique that people use to sense their environment?

(A). reading

(B). seeing

(C). speaking

(D). writing

MCQ Answer is: b

9. The Newell and Simon program that helps to prove the theorems of Principal Mathematical is?

(A). Logic Theorist

(B). General Problem Solver

(C). Elementary Perceiver

(D). Boolean Algebra

MCQ Answer is: a

10. The connection machine, IBM 3090, and cray X-MP are referred to 

(A). as a  SISD

(B). as a  MIMD

(C). as a  MISD

(D). as a  SIMD

MCQ Answer is: d

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