Bayesian Networks MCQs | Artificial Intelligence

Bayesian Networks MCQs based Questions & Answers on Artificial Intelligence.

Suppose you are creating a bayesian network. Which of the following is the outcome between a node and its predecessors?
(A). Conditionally independent
(B). Dependant
(C). Functionally dependent
(D). Both Conditionally dependant & Dependant
(E). None of these
Answer: A
The compactness of the bayesian network is related to?
(A). Partial structure
(B). Fully structured
(C). Locally structured
(D). All of the mentioned
(E). None of these
Answer: C
How many terms do we need to construct a Bayes model?
(A). 3

(B). 6
(C). 4
(D). 7
(E). None of these
Answer: A
Bayes rule can be used in?
(A). Solving queries
(B). Answering probabilistic query
(C). Decreasing complexity
(D). Increasing complexity
(E). None of these
Answer: d
Which of the following offers by the Bayesian network?
(A). Partial description of the domain
(B). A complete description of the domain
(C). A complete description of the problem
(D). None of these
Answer: a
Select the condition that is used to impact a variable directly by all other variables?
(A). Partially connected
(B). Local connected
(C). Fully connected
(D). None of these
Answer: C
Which of the following is desired to build probabilistic systems feasible in the world?
(A). Reliability
(B). Feasibility
(C). Crucial robustness
(D). None of these
Answer: b
We can calculate the entries in the full joint probability distribution by using the?
(A). variables
(B). information
(C). Both A and B
(D). None of these
Answer: b
The Bayesian network is very helpful to answer any query?
(A). Full distribution
(B). Partial distribution
(C). Joint distribution
(D). All of the mentioned
(E). None of these
Answer: b
Local structure is related to which of the following?
(A). Linear
(B). Dependant
(C). Hybrid
(D). None of these
Answer: A

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