Computer Network MCQs for Lecturer Test

“Computer Network MCQs”


SET 1 contains 10 MCQs on “Computer Networks”

1. Three or more than 3 computers share a link in ________ connection
a) Point to point
b) Unipoint
c) Multipoint
d) All above

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2.  The computer network is a
A) Network computer with guided media
B) Network computer without fiber optic
C) None of them
D) Both of them

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3. Which topology covers the factors like security, robustness and eliminating traffic?

A) Bus
B) Star
C) Mesh
D) Ring

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4.  A set of rules that governs data communication
a) RFCs
b) Standards
c) Protocols
d) All above

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5. FDDI used the ……… topology?
A) Star
B) Bus
C) Ring

D) None

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6. National Internet Service Provider (ISP) networks are connected to one another by private switching stations called?

A) Regional ISP

B) Network Access Points

C) National ISP

D) Peering Point

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7.  Multipoint topology is a …..topology?

A) Ring

B) Star

C) Bus

D) None

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8. The _______ is the physical path over which a message travels
a) Path
b) Route
c) Medium
d) None

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9. FTP stands for…..?
A) Form transmission protocol
B) File transmission protocol
C) Form transfer protocol
D) File transfer protocol

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10. A communication pathway that transfers data from one point to another is called

A) Medium

B) Node

C) Link

D) Topology

E) All

F) None

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