Data link layer OSI Model Solved MCQs

Let us see the important data link layer MCQs Questions Answers.

1. Which results are more likely to occur during the frame transmission in Stop-and-Wait ARQ technique?
a. Loss of frame or an acknowledgement
b. Delay in an acknowledgement
c. All of the above
d.normal operation

2.frames issued by the secondary station of High-level data link control , known as?
a. response
b. Command
c. link
d. None of the above
answer: A

3. Which technique are more likely to occur during the frame transmission in the Stop-and-Wait ARQ technique?
a. Loss of frame or an acknowledgement
b. Delay in an acknowledgement
c. Normal operation
d. All of the above

4.category of High-level data link control frames undergoes error&flow control techniques by comprising send and receive sequence numbers?
a. U-frames
b. S-frames
c. I-frames
d. All of the above
Answer: B

5.. The data link layer takes the packets from _________ and sends them into frames for transmission.
a) application layer
b) physical layer
c) network layer
d)all of the above

6. Datalink is not able to perform
a) channel coding

b) flow control
c) error control
d) framing
Answer: A
7. The data link layer divide the stream of bits received from the network layer into data units is known as
Answer: A

8.CRC abbreviated as
a) code redundancy check
b) code repeat check
c) cyclic redundancy check
d) cyclic repeat check
Answer:C link protocol known as??
b) point to point protocol
c) ethernet
d) all of the mentioned
Answer: D

10.multiple access protocol for channel access control
c) Both a&b
d) None of the mentioned
Answer: C

11. The layer lies above the physical layer is
b)data link
c)network layer
d)transport layer
Answer: B
12..In a real-life network, data link protocols are used as
a)in any direction
b)in one direction
c)in two direction
d)in any direction

which of the following OSI layer is

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