Software Formal Methods Mcq’s

Software Formal Methods Mcq’s

1: Which of the following statements that can be interpreted in a number of ways?

a) Vagueness

b) Comments

c) Contradictions

d) Ambiguities

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2: Which of the following occurs in a system specification document due to the bulkiness of?

a) Incompleteness

b) Vagueness

c) Ambiguities

d) Contradictions

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3: When formal methods are used for the first time,

Which of the following is essential for success?

a) Consulting

b) Expert training

c) none of these

d) Both Expert a & b

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4: Which of the following is not provided by formal methods?

a) verifying systems

b) providing frameworks

c) provide investors

d) both option a & b

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5: Coupling wrost type is…

a) control coupling

b) stamp coupling

c) content coupling

d) data coupling

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6: Which of the following option is the most important feature of the spiral model?

a) risk management

b) quality management

c) configuration management

d) requirement analysis

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7: SRS is also known is…

a) integrated testing

b) stress testing

c) black box testing

d) white box testing

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8: Coupling desired level is…

a) data coupling

b) common coupling

c) control coupling

d) no coupling

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9: Which of the following option are forms of alpha and beta testing?

a) system testing

b) acceptance testing

c) unit testing

d) integration testing

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10: Which of the following encapsulates an object?

a) state

b) data

c) behaviour

d) both data & behaviour

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11: flowchart can replace…

a) case effect graph

b) structure charts

c) decision table

d) pseudocode

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12: Which of the following shows the ER Model?

a) dynamic view

b) functional view

c) both a & b

d) static view

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